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a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)

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a large pill

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Minister Molao told a kgotla meeting in Bobonong that the bolus system presented problems of traceability as opposed to the current ear tagging.
Group V patients were given Vecuronium (0.1 mg/ kg) bolus dose and Group A patients were given Atracurium (0.5 mg/kg) bolus dose.
The secondary objective was to assess the need of inhalational boluses between the two groups and to compare the number of overcorrections and undercorrections in BIS value after each inhalational bolus.
The rationale behind evaluating the bolus insulin management of DKA stems from an anticipated cost and resource benefit in managing patients out of intensive care units (ICUs).
In the current study, adherence to two different insulin regimens; basal bolus and premix insulin was assessed and its effect on mean fasting glucose was determined.
Ten minutes into reanimation a bolus of 2.000.000 IU of urokinase was administered via a central venous catheter but no response was obtained.
Objective: To compare the haemodynamic effects of equivalent dose of oxytocin given as an intravenous bolus and as infusion.
Changes in the peripheral afferent nervous system related to eating, such as alimentary bolus characters and eating postures, can result in adjustments of swallowing by afferent pathways of the central nervous network, followed by corresponding changes in the time sequence, duration, and intensity of oropharyngeal muscle activities.
Evans, M.D., from the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues assessed whether completing the pediatric sepsis bundle elements (blood cultures, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and at least one 20-mL/kg bolus of intravenous fluid) within one hour improves outcomes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 19, 2018-Adaptiiv wins US FDA's 510(k) clearance to market 3D Bolus Software in the treatment of cancer
Global Banking News-July 19, 2018-Adaptiiv wins US FDA's 510(k) clearance to market 3D Bolus Software in the treatment of cancer
However, HRM cannot provide information about bolus transport whose conclusions have been based on studies combining manometry with radiological visualization of flow and clearance [3].
Keywords: Carbohydrate counting, Meal-time insulin, Basal insulin, Bolus insulin.
The aim of this study was to find the effect of the administration of slow release boluse of trace elements bolus in Naemi ewes during late gestation.
Most of the time was saved in the period between starting the initial fluid bolus and starting the insulin, she said during an interview at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society.