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The issue of purchasing of capital intensive bolting tools, is no longer a requirement for the site, because we are offering competitively priced tool rental, throughout the project, with our own on-site tool service repair facilities, fully supported by readily available spare parts, to ensure bolting work is continuously carried out.
For further information on Hi-Force On-Site Bolting Services and Bolted Joint Integrity Management please go to and register your interest.
Motojima, "Effects of rock bolting in jointy rocks," in Proceedings of the International Symposium on Weak Rock, pp.
This device can guarantee the coincidence between axis of the bolt and that of the steel tube; it thus avoids potential deviatoric stress during pullout test; note that the deviatoric stress will greatly disturb the accuracy of pullout test and lead to premature failure of bolting system.
Here in this test, the bolt-cement-steel bolting system is pulled by the movement of lower separator and upper separator; the bolt-exposed end is fixed by lower clamp whereas the steel tube end is fixed by upper clamp, and then the moving directions for bolt and the tube suffering pullout load are downward and upward, respectively.
And S2 had the largest load to displacement ratio based on changing trend in linear increasing section, the lagging detachment between the last segment and the last but one segment contributed to a relatively longer sustainability of the whole intact interface; it thus intensified the rigidity of the bolting system.
"As part of the Hi-Force On-Site Bolting Services offering, we are able to mobilise to site bespoke twenty foot containers, fully equipped, as either a bolting tool store, or a mobile on-site training facility, incorporating all the necessary training equipment, to deliver bolting training courses, to the highest possible standard," she says.
We currently have four containers mobilised, two each to two different plant construction sites and our clients are already seeing the benefit of employing a specialist Bolting Services Company, to manage all of their joint integrity needs at site.
Tamrock has been manufacturing fully mechanised bolters since 1979 and since that year, about 400 bolting rigs have been delivered.
The Cabolt machine for cable bolting requires only a single operator and has all the necessary equipment for drilling, grouting and bolt feeding.
The steel strand used for cable bolting has a breaking force about three times higher than rebar steel and offers major benefits over long rebar bolts.