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a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den

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Andrea Davies, domestic abuse co-ordinator for Caerphilly council, said: "The room is a secure bolt-hole which victims and children can lock themselves in and call for help.
Last year, the crack troops hunted out terrorist bolt-holes in Afghanistan, uncovering weapons stockpiles and a plot to kill former king Mohammad Zaher Shah, 87.
And international financial bolt-holes are also being targeted.
SCOTLAND Yard are trying to bring back three of Britain's most-wanted men from their bolt-holes in the sun after 17 years.
So it's about time at least one of the bolt-holes was sealed up.
The tool uses a patented expanding collet technology which provides a secure hold in flange bolt-holes in order to deliver a measurable, controlled force which will safely separate flanges with little or no access gap.
From Hollywood blockbusters to magazine photoshoots, people are pocketing cash for their favourite bolt-holes.
2 WHY do celebrities always have bolt-holes they can go to when they're in trouble?
Meanwhile we are invited to rejoice that we still retain our inalienable right to bleed manufacturers to death, rip off customers and operate tax bolt-holes for the unscrupulous and merely opportunistic.