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a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den

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The maps were discovered in a secret library in St Lambrecht Abbey, Austria, which was used as a bolt-hole for Nazi high command.
She and fellow housemate Emma spied on the house from their bolt-hole, playing pranks on the others and turning off the hot water every time Victor showered.
The order covers rock reinforcement equipment, including 10 Boltec LC rock-bolting rigs, one Boomer E2 C rig for bolt-hole drilling and one Cabletec LC for cable bolting, as well as an extensive service agreement.
Her pet project has been the Model Sanctuary, a bolt-hole for models who can have free massages, nutritional advice and a place to rest.
The collet is made up of machined expanding segments which are externally profiled with ridges designed to bite into the internal diameter of the bolt-hole, providing a secure anchor for attaching the tool and spreading the joint.
Biggs's solicitor has written to Mr Clarke asking him to use "prerogative powers" to free the 76-year-old, who has served four years in jail after returning from his Brazilian bolt-hole.
The combination of historic architecture (dating from the 1790s when the settlement was briefly the capital of the colony of Upper Canada) with nature and culture makes the town both a popular bolt-hole from nearby Toronto and a destination for visitors from around the world.
The first modules to be introduced in the family are 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm sizes with an industry standard envelope and bolt-hole pattern for drop-in replacement of existing guides.
It is available in a top-plate style and bolt-hole style that accommodates a 3/8-in.
The system includes productivity-enhancing features, such as bolt-hole circle routine, programmable memory, arc contouring, polar coordinate readings, and line hole routine.
The digital readout features 100 programmable memory blocks, teach-in mode, corner rounding, part alignment, auxiliary LCD with feed display, mirror imaging, bolt-hole calculation, grid/parallelogram calculation, 10 tool offsets, 6 outputs/4 inputs, RS232, and more.
A source told the Daily Star that the singer has hired an exclusive property finder to look for a romantic bolt-hole on one of the secluded beaches.
8&9 FOOD WIN a night for two with dinner at The Castle Hotel, the centuries-old, laid-back country bolt-hole of the Carmarthenshire market town of Llandovery.
Birkhall was specially renovated for Wills to provide a bolt-hole while he was at St Andrew's University.