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a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den

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She and fellow housemate Emma spied on the house from their bolt-hole, playing pranks on the others and turning off the hot water every time Victor showered.
The tiny Owl's Nest Cabin at Winthrop's Spring Creek Ranch has it all--if all you need is a cute, dog-friendly bolt-hole with kitchen, bedroom, and easy access to Methow's main ski trails.
She added: "We are all feeling a bit tired, but the racecourse provided a valuable bolt-hole.
Wood recently fled to a bolt-hole in Ireland with a Russian cocktail waitress.
Her pet project has been the Model Sanctuary, a bolt-hole for models who can have free massages, nutritional advice and a place to rest.
His cousin Stanley Parkes yesterday revealed how the ex-Beatle asked him to find a Highland bolt-hole.
STEVEN GERRARD will find a pounds 32million European bolt-hole at Real Madrid this summer if his fragile relationship with Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez reaches breaking point.
The collet is made up of machined expanding segments which are externally profiled with ridges designed to bite into the internal diameter of the bolt-hole, providing a secure anchor for attaching the tool and spreading the joint.
Mr Byrne and Dennis Heymer, the funnyman's former partner and manager, still live in his country bolt-hole, which has remained virtually unchanged since Howerd died there in 1992, aged 75.
The combination of historic architecture (dating from the 1790s when the settlement was briefly the capital of the colony of Upper Canada) with nature and culture makes the town both a popular bolt-hole from nearby Toronto and a destination for visitors from around the world.
It is available in a top-plate style and bolt-hole style that accommodates a 3/8-in.
The digital readout features 100 programmable memory blocks, teach-in mode, corner rounding, part alignment, auxiliary LCD with feed display, mirror imaging, bolt-hole calculation, grid/parallelogram calculation, 10 tool offsets, 6 outputs/4 inputs, RS232, and more.
A source told the Daily Star that the singer has hired an exclusive property finder to look for a romantic bolt-hole on one of the secluded beaches.