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a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den

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Satar is the latest in a mounting tally of foreign criminals found hiding out in Thailand, a country trying to banish its reputation as a bolt-hole for bad guys.
A total of 98 bolted connection specimens (i.e., angle and I-shape-3 specimens: three for each test variation, I-shape-1, and I-shape-2 specimens: four for each test variation) were prepared by drilling holes with different bolt-hole clearances.
11 ...while Lynne Barrett-Lee tries to tempt us all away from her beloved and sacrosanct seaside bolt-hole 14 BOOKS Trevor Fishlock on our glorious Welsh landscape in words and pictures 17 CYMRAEG Mae Lefi Gruffudd yn gobeithio y bydd rhai o berlau coll S4C yn cael gweld golau dydd FOOD 18 Sharing recipes from the heart 22 24 27 TRAVEL Mike Smith does 48 hours in St Davids and finds lots to see, do and dine out on within the city limits 24 GARDENING What's a gardener's favourite garden?
In a statement to MPs, he insisted that there must be "no bolt-hole, no pampered hiding place from justice" for Gaddafi, who should "face the consequences of his actions".
The maps were discovered in a secret library in St Lambrecht Abbey, Austria, which was used as a bolt-hole for Nazi high command.
She and fellow housemate Emma spied on the house from their bolt-hole, playing pranks on the others and turning off the hot water every time Victor showered.
The order covers rock reinforcement equipment, including 10 Boltec LC rock-bolting rigs, one Boomer E2 C rig for bolt-hole drilling and one Cabletec LC for cable bolting, as well as an extensive service agreement.
Her pet project has been the Model Sanctuary, a bolt-hole for models who can have free massages, nutritional advice and a place to rest.
"The collet is made up of machined expanding segments which are externally profiled with ridges designed to bite into the internal diameter of the bolt-hole, providing a secure anchor for attaching the tool and spreading the joint.
Biggs's solicitor has written to Mr Clarke asking him to use "prerogative powers" to free the 76-year-old, who has served four years in jail after returning from his Brazilian bolt-hole.
The combination of historic architecture (dating from the 1790s when the settlement was briefly the capital of the colony of Upper Canada) with nature and culture makes the town both a popular bolt-hole from nearby Toronto and a destination for visitors from around the world.
It is available in a top-plate style and bolt-hole style that accommodates a 3/8-in.
The system includes productivity-enhancing features, such as bolt-hole circle routine, programmable memory, arc contouring, polar coordinate readings, and line hole routine.