bolt of lightning

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a discharge of lightning accompanied by thunder

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Then, about three minutes into the video, a bolt of lightning can be seen shooting through the sky right in front of Hicks.
A BOLT of lightning strikes a crane moments before it crashes into the Grand Mosque of Mecca, killing at least 107 people.
Firefighters at a house in Bearpark, County Durham, after it was hit by a bolt of lightning Kate Proctor
"I'd just said, 'Let's go back to the car as the heavens are going to open' and we were crossing the causeway when a bolt of lightning hit just where we had been standing." He lived to tell the tale and to attend the preview of his first exhibition, Spring Into Light, which runs at the People's Theatre, Heaton, until March 6.
A bolt of lightning has damaged an outer wall of the world-famous Scrovegni chapel decorated with priceless early 14th century frescoes painted by the master Giotto, art experts in the northern city of Padua said Thursday.
Florida state regulations insist that any outdoor event must be delayed for at least half an hour after the last bolt of lightning - leaving boss Hodgson and his men with their lengthy wait.
BRILLIANT: Twitter user @jamesalewis sent in this picture of lightning striking down SNAKING: An impressively bulky bolt of lightning strikes down in this picture by Twitter user @liverpoolweather
THIS was the moment a bolt of lightning brought South Wales' summer to a dramatic halt over the weekend.
12 -- After the announcement of resignation by Pope Benedict, as an inexplicable coincidence, the dome of the basilica of St Peter was struck by a bolt of lightning which a cameraman captured in vivid detail during a thunderstorm in Rome.
"It was like a bolt of lightning. Ashley leapt up and called his driver Abs.
A bolt of lightning killed three people, including two children, in southern Ghazni province, residents and an official said, on Monday.
Lewis performed a host of tracks from latest album Terra Incognita alongside favourites You're Speaking My Language, Four on the Floor and Live a Bolt of Lightning. Her dynamism was ceaseless as she sang All is For God, Long Road Out of Here and Hot Kiss, but it was the calmer songs Ghosts and Suicide Dive Bombers which really exposed her raw, velvety vocals.
A FAMILY have described the moment a bolt of lightning struck their house as like "a bomb going off".
But a bolt of lightning can span 10 miles and strike an area where thunder from the storm might not be heard.