bolt cutter

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an implement for cutting bolts

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So really the answer depends on which bolt cutter you have and if the bolt cutter is still under warranty.
Bolt Cutter Jaws NSN 5110- NSN 5110-01 00-188-2524 381-0808 00-224-7055 380-5089 * 00-224-7056 381-0790 * 00-224-7057 380-5088 * 00-596-9155 380-5095 * 00-596-9156 380-5091 * 00-596-9162 378-4608 01-491-7478 502-3253 * NSN is not on the AMDF.
The police also said that detectives have recovered an undisclosed amount of money, two rifles, a pistol, a bolt cutter, magazines and ammunition.
Email those Deluxe dudes and tell 'em to bring the Bolt Cutter to your town.
For most installations, one person can make all adjustments entirely on site with a bolt cutter, socket wrench and pliers.
After Tipograph visited Morales, a bolt cutter miraculously materialized in his cell, enabling him to cut through his cell window grillwork and escape.
The barrier box will be highly resistant to intrusion devices so that a bolt cutter cannot violate the integrity of the lock or the contents within the container.
today announced the release of Bolt Cutter, a 15% ABV barley wine brewed in celebration of the company's 15[sup.
Optical Fiberscope, Bomb Blanket with Ring, Hook & Line Set, Rescue tool kit bog-combi Tool HCT 4120 ST, Battering Rom, Power Bolt Cutter, Tactical training Door (Hydraulic breacher door), Special Materials Cutter, 9.
An employee arrived to find a chain locking the business had been attacked with a bolt cutter.
Unlike typical storage facilities that sit above-ground and are accessible to anyone with a bolt cutter, units developed by Storage Innovations Technologies will provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art security and protection possible.
hydraulic bolt cutter - 05 nos for various tl&ss divisions in braz circle of kptcl conforming to kptcl technical specifications.
His mum, Kim Bendall, said the family did not hear a sound - even though the thieves had used a bolt cutter to free the machine.
When the attendant refused and left to do other work, Cornelius went home, collected the bolt cutter and returned to cut one link from the clamp.
A ladder and a bolt cutter were found nearby, the Stoke inquest heard.