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emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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My anger at Gove (by trade a journalist, I am shamed to admit) is mollified by recalling my favourite lines from Blackadder Goes Forth, the finale to the series' quartet written by those brilliant Bolshies Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, which occurs when Captain Blackadder learns that the Germans are stealing our battle plans.
Set in 1st Century Imperial Rome (AD), this is the story of an in-the-ranks, bolshie, warm-hearted centurion (Macro) and his young superior (Cato).
Needless to say the bolshie cabaret singer is horrified but she soon settles in and in no time at all, has the nuns singing along from her own hymn sheet, as she brings a bit of light relief and laughter into their lives.
Bolshie Please tell me who in this world hasn't made a mistake throughout their career.
If you've got Bolton pegged as bolshie bovver merchants who get up the noses of their betters, I've some sobering news ahead of the lunchtime visit of Manchester United.
The sitcom arrives on our screens almost a decade after Popworld's very first outing in which Amstell defied critics with bolshie schoolgirl Miquita Oliver, and changed the face of telly as we knew it.
The motifs of plummy-voiced officers and bolshie underlings are familiar, as is the instant nostalgia of Second World War popular music.
When I was at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the same thing happened: I started getting Bolshie again.
She's threatening to go anyway, saying she'll leave home and being really bolshie.
Both men, you see, used tactics to spread their conservative ideas that were also used by Communists--in Kristol's case, such Bolshie trickery as "putting forth an endless series of journals, op-ed manifestos, position papers, public letters, and magazines.
Address : Grodno region, Bolshye Karnyshy village, 231417, Bolshie Karnyshy
I've met enough bolshie, comics who view the world through jaded eyes .
When the window is about to close and fans become increasingly bolshie about your inability to sign the household name striker who will guarantee goals put up life-size cut-outs of Radamel Falcao (top) and Mario Balotelli (right) in your office.
STAN AND CORA ORA EASTENDERS They seemed a perfect match - both bolshie, straight talkers who enjoyed a whisky or five.
STAN AND CORA EASTENDERS They seemed a perfect match - both bolshie, straight talkers who enjoyed a whisky or five.