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Synonyms for bolshie

emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries

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Asha's precious new arrival, which is already developing into quite a bolshie little character, will hopefully go some way to keeping rhinos and the surrounding issues in the spotlight."
And when bolshie Bethany kicks up a fuss, he lies that Callum has threatened to kill her and her mum.
One explanation is that bolshie Labour supporters are far louder than shier Tory voters when it comes to proclaiming their allegiances.
But, true to form, his bolshie brat Zeedan is far from welcoming towards the new houseguests.
The indictment of the Bolshie, 'conshie' classes doesn't stop there: it invites, by inference, a sneer of derision to be directed at war poets like Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon who betrayed their class by rejecting the Etonian call to "play up and play the game" in favour of the truth: that the 'Great' War was all murderous mayhem and mass graves hidden beneath muddy middens.
Back in 1980 Bernard Cornwell created the character of Richard Sharpe (the tale of a typical, up through-the-ranks, bolshie, warm-hearted rifleman in the Napoleonic wars).
What must be becoming increasingly clear to the Labour hierarchy is that, with the injection of so much fresh blood into it, its current crop of AMs are set to be much more bolshie than the previous supine intake.
Needless to say the bolshie cabaret singer is horrified but she soon settles in and in no time at all, has the nuns singing along from her own hymn sheet, as she brings a bit of light relief and laughter into their lives.
- Bolshie Please tell me who in this world hasn't made a mistake throughout their career.
LDV did not collapse because of lamentable management or bolshie workforce or even that curse of British industry, a failure to invest in new product.
When I was at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the same thing happened: I started getting Bolshie again.
Bosses were inspired by the Manchester-born rock stars to create bolshie older brothers for aspiring pop singer Michelle, played by former Hear'Say star Kym Marsh.
Both men, you see, used tactics to spread their conservative ideas that were also used by Communists--in Kristol's case, such Bolshie trickery as "putting forth an endless series of journals, op-ed manifestos, position papers, public letters, and magazines."
The bolshie copywriter does have an online column, and it relates to the subjects covered in the week's TV episode.