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make Communist or bring in accord with Communist principles

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In Varlamov's model, Steklov in particular expressed a more extreme "modernizing" tendency that tended to "transfer features of the present to the past," that is, to "Bolshevize" a pre-Bolshevik phenomenon.
Moscow's efforts would readily, as Stalin thought, "Bolshevize" the Arab/Muslim masses.
This was a time when communists believed that it was necessary to "bolshevize" themselves and prepare for an imminent proletarian revolution.
The Bolsheviks saw Poland as a reactionary bourgeois barrier to their ambition to Bolshevize western Europe and the Red Army steamrollered towards Warsaw, trailing hordes of Cossack cavalry in their wake, whose ill-disciplined ravages only served to whip up traditional Russophobia among the Polish peasantry.
Stalin acknowledged that Western suspicions that the Soviet Union wanted to "bolshevize Europe" had previously been justified, but that such was no longer the case.
To provide one thought characterizing his speech: "If, however, the world should Bolshevize, I would not view this as an example of the Soviet Union's success, but rather point to the short-sightedness and petty, nationalistic jealousy and selfishness of today's capitalist leaders whose behavior has led to the terrible and virtually cataclysmic moral crisis the only outcome of which can be the economic depression we face today." (20)