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an instrument that measures heat radiation

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By identifying the polarity of the photocurrent, different detection mechanisms, such as bolometric effect and photo-thermoelectric effect, can be identified.
Ventura, "Measurement of Low Temperature Specific Heat of Crystalline TeO2 for the Optimization of Bolometric Detectors," Journal of Low Temperature Physics, vol.
The bolometric distance [d.sub.i], used both for matter and radiation, is defined by
For night vision, thermal imagers based on uncooled bolometric sensors with 384x288 or 640x480 resolutions are available.
The broad coverage of the photometric bands made it possible to estimate the total, or bolometric flux, being radiated by the SN, which is the parameter most easily compared with theoretical models.
We proposed and realized a multispectral 24 x 24 bolometric matrix structure for multi-spectral terahertz imaging with polarization resolution.
With a focus on how mid-infrared spectroscopy can explain the contribution of star formation and active galactic nuclei to the bolometric luminosity of individual extragalactic sources, these proceedings of the November 2005 conference provide an overview of the roles of both infrared imaging and spectroscopy in studying astrophysical environments.
Regarding measuring the power of these complex wireless waveforms, we may see the return of the bolometric power head.
Currently we know all three parameters (the mass, the bolometric absolute stellar magnitude, and the spectral class) for approximately two hundred stars.
NIST microwave power standards consist of microcalorimeters as primary reference standards and bolometric detectors as secondary transfer standards.
In the cascaded-coupler technique, the calibration of a low power (10 mW) bolometric power sensor is sequentially transferred to similar sensors on the sidearms of a coupler chain, as shown in Figure 1.
Infrared (IR) images were recorded using a high resolution calibrated thermal imaging camera (Testo 890, 640 X 480 pixels), which employs bolometric detectors.
To provide reference to previous works, the 1-104 keV energy band in the GRB rest frame was used to calculate the bolometric energy and [L.sub.peak].
Controlling the current activities using photo- and/or thermoactivation mode maybe useful for optoelectronics applications as well as bolometric control systems in electronic circuitry.