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an instrument that measures heat radiation

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Bolometers were then used in connection with this instrument, such that a deflection of 1 mm corresponded to 1 E-5 degree differential change of temperature of the strips.
The new scintillating bolometer has performed excellently, proving its viability as a detector in experiments to look for dark matter, and also as a gamma spectrometer (a device that measures this type of radiation) to monitor background radiation in these experiments", said Abancens.
Twenty of the High Frequency Instrument bolometers will detect the microwave background light regardless of its polarization; the other 32 will home in on polarized light, which travels in avortex pattern.
These bolometers can gauge temperature differences in the sky as small as a ten-millionth of a degree, allowing us to shed light on places where up until now only darkness has reigned.
Despite certain limitations, astronomers in the early 1960s quickly adapted the new germanium bolometers to infrared telescopes in ground observatories.
These transducers include a wide range of thermal detectors -- bolometers, thermistors, thermocouples, thermopiles and pyroelectric devices -- able to convert invisible EM energy into voltages or resistive changes.
Bolometers are infrared detectors of excellent responsiveness; a recent study showed that the noise power of an HTSC bolometer could be two orders of magnitude smaller than that of a pyroelectric detector.
Contract notice: Absorption system and insertable bolometers (sabi).
Using bolometers manufactured at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and homemade low-temperature refrigerators, BLAST's camera achieves the sensitivity to detect these very cold submillimeter galaxies.
However, in addition to bolometers, there are other technologies for uncooled IR detectors, such as photodiodes, which can be fabricated from a variety of semi-conductor materials.
Using exquisitely sensitive, heat-detecting instruments known as bolometers, Pierre de Marcillac and his colleagues at the Institute for Space Astrophysics in Orsay, France, chanced upon signs that more than 100 bismuth-209 atoms had each spat out a helium nucleus--also known as an alpha particle--to become a lighter atom of thallium-205.
Because the NIST system uses bolometers (devices that detect and measure small amounts of radiation), it is a significantly more powerful detection tool than conventional passive imaging systems.
A wide range of thermal detectors, bolometers, thermistors, thermocouples, thermopiles and pyroelectric devices are able to convert invisible EM energy into voltages or resistive changes.
Liquid helium-cooled bolometers are extremely sensitive, but they cannot be moved easily and good mm-wave waveguide rotating joints are difficult to produce.
m there is European expertise in a range of detector technologies, including photoconductors, bolometers, and transition edge superconducting (TES) detectors.