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an instrument that measures heat radiation

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Bolometers are, in principle, low energy threshold and high energy resolution detectors, but the energy threshold of practical 10 kg-scale bolometers is orders of magnitude higher than the light WIMP signal.
Mckitterick, "Graphene-based bolometers," Graphene 2D Mater, vol.
A bolometer can be fabricated up to ten times smaller than the desired radiation wavelength to increase its sensitivity and to reduce its time constant.
Both simulation and experiment results exhibit that the MA is polarization-insensitive, which is potential to be used in devices such as bolometer and detection of explosives.
Yngvesson, A passive heterodyne hot electron bolometer imager operating at 850 gigahertz, IEEE Trans.
This gives the bolometer a thermal response time constant of about 30 ms at 10.8 K.
For RF power calibration, a common test method uses a bolometer and a balancing bridge.
The 41 papers consider such topics as signal processing in the multi-component Raman spectra of particulate matter, detecting and classifying organic and organophosphorus analytes on soil from reflection-absorption spectroscopy, a high-resolution two-dimensional laser radar for viewing and identifying occluded hard targets, a pyramid-based block of skewers for pixel purity index for end-member extraction in hyperspectal imagery, a computer tomographic imaging spectrometer and a snapshot hyperspectral imager and polarimeter, wavelength selective bolometer design, spectral signatures of acetone vapor from ultraviolet to millimeter wavelengths, and the three-dimensional deconvolution of vibration corrupted hyperspectral images.
The room of measuring the infrared temperature radiometer detector is a matrix comprised of a network micro bolometer, without separate cooling system, allowing dynamic data recording system.
Washington, September 26 (ANI): A team of scientists has developed a "scintillating bolometer", a device that they will use in efforts to detect the dark matter of the Universe.
Then they could relate the steps by means of different tenses (I "used" a bolometer, which my assistant "had prepared"), by means of conjunctions and adverbs conveying temporal meanings ("After" we prepared the mixture, we "then" opened the slit), and by means of the order of clauses in a sentence (We prepared the light source, which we allowed to fall on the slit).
* A joint Canada--UK SCUBA-2 camera (SCUBA: submillimetre common user bolometer array) to be located on the James Clark Maxwell Telescope, in Hawaii, to produce images of the deep universe using radio-waves;
Modern infrared technology finally came of age in 1961 with the development of the germanium bolometer, a thin strip of germanium enclosed in a container with a lenslike aperture.
Second is the potential of HTSC materials to be used as detector materials lat longer wave-lengths in a device called a bolometer. Both improvements could allow realization of large staring arrays with greater sensitivity and range than the lower performance scanning sensors they would replace.