bolognese pasta sauce

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sauce for pasta

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The Bolognese pasta sauce is one of several pasta sauces Kroger introduced under the Hemisfares brand.
Stars: Price: 39p Available: Morrisons Bolognese Pasta Sauce Rich in colour and taste, this is a decent price for a 500g jar of sauce that will feed all the family.
USDA certified-organic LaPiana Vegetarian Bolognese Pasta Sauce is made in Bologna, Italy, with a traditional recipe and methods, but replaces the beef with soy crumbles to provide the meat texture the sauce is known for.
Italian Foods Corp.'s new LaPiana Vegetarian Bolognese Pasta Sauce is USDA-certified organic and made in Italy using a traditional recipe and methods, substituting the beef with organic soy for texture and taste.
2 x 500g packs Saxby's Shortcrust Pastry 15g pack fresh sage leaves 100g frozen Waitrose Butternut Squash, defrosted, or use fresh squash, diced 350g tub Waitrose Bolognese Pasta Sauce, from the chiller cabinet 1 egg, lightly beaten