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a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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The week's activities included a presentation on John Wayne, Wild West Bingo, a bolo tie making craft, the opportunity to ride horses at The Hanson Center and a presentation on Western artists Georgia O'Keeffe and Frederic Remington.
A version worn by men, known as a bolo tie, is frequently worn as part of Native American western apparel in place of a conventional necktie.
Miniature bolo ties sporting small metallic cowboy hats or steer horns are placed around the neck of your bottle to give it a personalized touch and help distinguish it from the mass of other bottles in the room that look just it.
In a kaleidoscope of swirling skirts and bolo ties set to stun, square dancers from across Oregon and the nation let it fly - hoedown style - at the Lane County Fairgrounds this weekend.
Alan Barton hopes to cash in on Scotland's latest craze after buying in thousands of cowboy boots, Stetson hats, bolo ties and fringed shirts.
Jacobs admits when he arrived at Channel 13 in the summer of 1988, the loud lounge jackets, tuxedo shirts, bolo ties and spiked hair he wore while throwing a foam brick at the TV cameras was fabricated info- tainment.
We now have an issue with a particular salesman who has started wearing bolo ties to work.
The singing cowboy has lit into an up-tempo number, and dancers skitter across the parquet: women in sequined dresses, men in bolo ties.
Order-takers wore white shirts, paper hats and bolo ties.
Along with chic, four-color coyote bolo ties and kachina dolls, you'll find chili olive oil, jalapeno catsup, pistachios.
From babies in strollers to senior citizens, crowds sauntered along Mercantile Row, leisurely popping in and out of stores - with signs reading ``Telegraph Office,'' ``Doc Adams Upstairs'' and ``Horses Let'' - that sold bolo ties, silver jewelry, cowboy hats and hundreds of other Western-themed goods.
He displayed three bolo ties created with salmon jasper pieces made into cabochons.
Shoppers began spotting their work at craft fairs and weekly street markets, as the pair hawked their work as environmentally friendly and inexpensive accessories: earrings, money clips and bolo ties costing between $12 and $20.