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a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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put on their cowboy boots and bolo ties last week in honor of The Birches' third annual "Wild West Week."
Bolo ties generally have solidly bead-wrapped cords featuring alternating bands of color along their length, as shown in Fig.
An unshaved Cohen, sporting a fedora and bolo tie, wryly noted that he never won a Grammy for any of his recordings.
In "Fiesta at Santa Fe" amid a throng of people a man in a hat and bolo tie leans over to hear his companion who is pointing to an object in the background.
I am nervous and running my fingers up and down the strings of my bolo tie.
He wore a braided bolo tie under his gown to honor his Native American roots.
A graduating Maryland senior was recently denied the right to participate in the graduation ceremonies because he wore a bolo tie underneath his robe, instead of a "proper" tie.
The first few chapters discuss the history of New Mexico, New Mexico today (including a note about the construction of Spaceport America near Upham, NM), and state facts, including the state fossil, the state bolo tie, and the state aircraft (the hot air balloon).
In "Fiesta at Santa Fe," amid a throng of people, a man in a hat and bolo tie leans over to hear his companion, who is pointing to an object in the background.
Helens in a bolo tie. Once, when I dared to show him I spelled a word right that he thought I'd gotten wrong, he looked at it in the dictionary I'd handed him.
What came to pass for dress-up neckwear--and still does if you score a seriously cool one--was the bola tie (also called bolo tie), a dangle devised by a Wickenburg silversmith in the 1940s.
There is also advice on less common neckwear, such as the ascot and the bolo tie. Information on the author is not given.
An oversize button makes a classy choker pin or snappy bolo tie. For a coordinated look, add matching earrings, too.
And for a perfect finishing touch, large metal eagle bolo ties.
So, go ahead and dream of an all-machine future; I'll be trying to design cute matching bolo ties for the bot wrangler uniforms of the future.