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Synonyms for bolo

a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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long heavy knife with a single edge


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"As we play in the same position, I thought Bolo was certain to play ahead of me,'' confessed Downing.
Bolo Zenden celebrates the opening goal in Boro's 2-2 draw with AK Graz in the Uefa Cup yesterday - Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was on target with the second for Steve McClaren's men
'Bolo has played left-back, left wing, central midfield, even second striker out in Ostrava.
He and Bolo joke around with me about the Pro Zone, which covers how many kilometres you run every day.
Maximilian Kolbe Apostolate of the Printed Word with the help of two lay persons, Johnny Biafore and Lani Bolo, and the Christian Brother Ernest Gauthier, F.S.C.
From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Bolo of East Timor Arnold S.
Now for the weird part: It's a "Bolo"-type grip, but instead of a short barrel, this one measures 51/2 inches from the bolt face.
Also, there will be no water along the streets of Muhandis, Mehrobod, Mir Said Ali Hamadoni, Navobodi Bolo, Navobodi Poyon, Buni Hisorak, Dehi Bolo, Panjrud, Obodkoron, Bunyodkoron, Luchobi Bolo, Luchobi Poyon, Komsomol, Kazokon 1, Kazokon 2, Mavarounahr, Kamongaron, Shishkhona, Hayoti Nav, the press service of the mayor of Dushanbe reports.
The two then had a heated argument, which led Mamerto to attack his younger brother with a bolo.
Nepamrtame si, ake to bolo sledova pristavanie loveka na Mesiaci nazivo.
The bolo tie is completely different compared to common neck ties.
With this, outgoing IPMR Bai Halila Sudagar said she will continue to hold the position via holdover capacity despite the selection of Datu Demetrio Bolo as IPMR last May 23.