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the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant

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The farmers also made complaints regarding yellow spots on cotton lint, with significant increase in number of rotten or un-opened bolls. The scientists revealed that two sucking pests are responsible for lint coloration and thus based on preliminary studies at Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan it was noted that Red cotton Bug and Dusky Cotton Bug, and with cell sap feeding habits (insect with needle like mouth) sucks sap from cotton seed.
(Heteroptera: PyrrhCoridae) has always been a source of serious damage to the crop by feeding on developing cotton bolls, and/or ripened cotton seeds (Ahmad and Khan1980; Ahmad and Schaefer, 1987; Yasuda, 1992).
The bracts were removed, then the bolls (without bracts), and finally the stalks.
Lifting an engine with any bolls missing puts way too much stress and pressure on the remaining bolls.
In a study accepted for presentation at the 2013 International Communication Association conference in June, Bolls surveyed more than 1000 respondents and placed them into two personality groups: reward seekers and threat avoiders.
2), located in Matthewtown, was severely infested (96% of bolls) with O.
Before machine harvesting, a standard number of bolls (25 bolls at Las Cruces and 50 bolls at Maricopa) were hand-harvested from all plots for determination of lint percentage, boll size, and for fiber analyses.
Intertextualitat im Werk Heinrich Bolls. By CHRISTINE HUMMEL.
On maturity, the data were recorded for morphological characters viz., node number of first fruiting branch, node number of first effective boll formation, node height up to first fruiting branch, plant height, monopodial branches per plant, sympodial branches per plant, bolls per plant, seed cotton yield per plant and within-boll yield components like boll weight, seeds per boll, lint mass per boll, lint percentage (%), seed cotton per seed and lint per seed, from randomly selected five plants.
In a statement issued by CCRI Multan spokesman, Dr Zahid said that those who wished to use cotton sticks as a cheaper source of wood fuel, must first remove and destroy all bolls
performed only when 40 to 50 per cent of cotton bolls are open.
The studies of Khan (2003) found that the seed cotton yield was positively correlated with bolls per plant and bolls weight.