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I've still got plenty of work to do and I don't want a big bollox like you up here telling me how to do it.' "
Bertie Bollox, of Onebornevriminit Holdings, moaned: ``Tom-Tom is beating us like a drum.
But I am shocked because this reaction is so much irresponsible, buck-passing bollox.
The daytime action, from 2pm, includes an LGBT walking history tour and photography and screen-printing workshops; in the evening, there's a big after-party in the YES basement with DJ sets from Bollox, Off The Hook, Kiss Me Again and Supernature.
I started Fifty Shades Of Grey and I went, 'Bollox, I could write this, this is useless'.
"He's saying, 'Ted, what are we doing today, you bollox' and it goes on like that for a while.
TODAY (FRIDAY 24) Clubbing / Bollox No surprise to see the Bollox crew pulling out all the stops for this weekend's Pride celebrations.
On the site the spoofer claims that Graham hates it when: "Some stupid bollox of a referee disallows a perfectly legitimate goal in front of all of them strung out fatherless vermin on Hill 16."
Celebrating the queen of pop's 60th birthday, Manchester Pride and Bollox are joining forces for this epic clubnight special with guest DJ Jamie Bull.
In fact one of my esteemed colleagues won the coveted Tartan Bollox award two years ago for writing the very same thing.
The FDA really bolloxed its 2015 approval of Vyvanse for binge-eating disorder.