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"We had this thing that - if it was me one week it was someone else the next week getting a bollocking - but you just did it.
Gerrard said: "It was just on the tip of my tongue to give him a bollocking but then he did that.
I'M not sure whether Princess Pushy actually used the words "Get back to the colonies" when bollocking a group of mixed-race diners at a New York restaurant.
NEWCASTLE bad boy Kieron Dyer is set for a top brass bollocking when he returns to St James' Park from the club's trip to America at the end of the month.
38 LETTERS Fury over a paltry pension increase, disappointment at the postal strike call-off and a bollocking for the BBC.
"I remember he gave me a bollocking before Killeshin's first attempt at the National.
Head of Youth Development Chris McCart was seen driving the club mini-bus with the youth players away from the ground to protect their innocent young ears from a Butcher bollocking.
A BRITISH corporal on trial for allegedly abusing Iraqis yesterday said he gave troops a "bollocking" when he saw what they were doing to prisoners.
One minute you're bollocking me (or should that be "challenging" me) on what I write.
Since most kids his age prefer the places their parents LEAST want them to go to, I suspect the most likely result was something of a bollocking when he got home.
The stewarding company are also going to face a deserved bollocking while the cops and lawyers are having to waste their time and our money prosecuting him.
Culloty on oneupmanship at trainer Henrietta Knight's yard "Now I'm looking forward to the next bollocking from Terry Biddlecombe when I can turn round and say, 'How many Nationals did you win again'?"
Lord Nimmo Smith's bollocking of cabinet minister Allan Wilson.
AS much as I like Metropolitan Police chief Sir John Stevens, it is only right he got the bollocking of his life from Home Secretary David Blunkett last week.
Wotherspoon, who has taken the company, run by Glasgow entrepreneur Stefan King, to an employment tribunal claiming racial discrimination, said: "If it was a misunderstanding I would not have been taken to one side three weeks later and given a severe bollocking for not obeying an order.''