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Let's face it, we've already had the Attorney General yelling "BOLLOCKS" at prominent TV news anchors this morning, so I don't know why you'd expect anything more sensible from the rest of the day.
Mellor has convinced herself that it's all, to put it plainly, bollocks."
In a celebration of Virgin's musical heritage - but a move likely to dismay punk purists - the bank has produced cards bearing artwork from the Sex Pistols' Nevermind the Bollocks and Anarchy in the UK records.
Wellington, Feb 9 ( ANI ): Embattled New Zealand veteran Jesse Ryder has slammed the latest reports of him drinking into the early hours of Thursday just hours before the first Test against India, saying that most of the things are 'bollocks'.
"Amnesia's bollocks!" says a thug in Trance, the new film by Danny Boyle -- but in fact it isn't bollocks.
NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE HAS LAUNCHED "No Bollocks 2013," an integrated national marketing campaign intended to sell more beer.
There was barely a result for the bookmakers and they've done their bollocks, but would only have known that afterwards.
This is a very funny story which pays homage to the traditional boarding school story with a tongue firmly in the cheek in which Flora's usual expletives such as 'bollocks' are replaced by the less offensive 'crikey'.
Harrington, "Beckett and America" (114-23); Claire Gleitman, "Another Look at Those 'Three Bollocks in a Cell': Someone Who'll Watch Over Me and the Shackles of History" (124-37); Nicholas Greene, "Faith Healer in New York and Dublin" (138-46); Patrick Lonergan," 'Dancing on a One-Way Street": Irish Reactions to Dancing at Lughnasa in New York" (147-62); Christina Hunt Mahony, "'The Irish Play': Beyond the Generic?" (163-78).
Norman Blogster had said much the same not long earlier so in England we were sort of left, but happily, with Bollocks to Architecture at even earlier had announced his departure.
Mr Milburn, the ultra-Blairite ex-Health Secretary, said it was "complete bollocks".
"I advise you all to eat roe deer testicles in green peppercorn sauce - a dish I created called Bollocks to Blair" - celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright.
Which punk band are to play a one-off gig to mark the 30th anniversary of their album Never Mind The Bollocks?
As Dennis Hansen, an Arhus student at the time, summarizes events, "Jens said, 'Bollocks! You're drunk!