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Even after nearly 40 years, the Sex Pistols power to provoke is undimmed, and we are still being asked to censor the word bollocks in our advertising.
In the end the band completed its hour-long set, consisting mainly of songs from its Never Mind The Bollocks album, including the anti-royalist God Save The Queen, banned in Britain when released.
Harrington, "Beckett and America" (114-23); Claire Gleitman, "Another Look at Those 'Three Bollocks in a Cell': Someone Who'll Watch Over Me and the Shackles of History" (124-37); Nicholas Greene, "Faith Healer in New York and Dublin" (138-46); Patrick Lonergan," 'Dancing on a One-Way Street": Irish Reactions to Dancing at Lughnasa in New York" (147-62); Christina Hunt Mahony, "'The Irish Play': Beyond the Generic?
Norman Blogster had said much the same not long earlier so in England we were sort of left, but happily, with Bollocks to Architecture at http://h2architecture.
I advise you all to eat roe deer testicles in green peppercorn sauce - a dish I created called Bollocks to Blair" - celebrity chef Clarissa Dickson-Wright.
Orange marketing supremoAlex Batchelor spoke some words of wisdom about the usefulness of EBITDA as a measure of financial performance: "It's bollocks.
Add to that, the unsociable hours [and] the company's bollocks propaganda .
Suspended in the middle was a red-and-blue neon sign advertising the aspirant movement and a handbill for the Sex Pistols' 1977 album Never Mind the Bollocks.
When I asked her about Chumbawamba's 1988 release "Never Mind the Ballots" (a pun on "Never Mind the Bollocks," by the Sex Pistols), she explained it was a response to the 1987 general election.
In the spirit of Newcastle's recent commitment to No Bollocks, and our pledge to tell it like it is, I will simply say: Summer Ale is a refreshing, delicious beer meant to be enjoyed in the summer, when it's hot outside.
I'M NOT saying Evan Davis is the most hyberbolic host on TV, but he doesn't half talk some hyper bollocks on Dragons' Den.
There was barely a result for the bookmakers and they've done their bollocks, but would only have known that afterwards.
It is always satisfying when you come up with a plan and it works straight away and Straussy won't mind me saying it was 100 per cent my idea to put him at second slip and bowl around the wicket - if he says otherwise, then that is bollocks," Swann said.
The last of the Sell a Door productions will be their take on Newcastle writer Lee Hall's play Bollocks and will open for the last week of August.
Bollocksed: from the verb to bollocks or bollocks-up.