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Too many Bruce Webers had starting coming out of the woodwork to bollix up his life--as well as the deliveries from hundreds of post offices.
The working title for many years was Box Set Me Bollix - but this was deemed unsuitable.
SIEGMUND FREUD was, per(J haps above all things, an unparalleled encyclopedist of the perversity of human misery; detailing in countless volumes every conceivable means by which men and women bollix their own hopes, wishes, dreams, and capacities.
Over on the other wing, The Dogs Bollix could do with a good kicking.
I recognize I'm not the one in charge, and that, of and by myself, I can bollix things up pretty thoroughly.
One factor must be dwindling prescriptions of antiretrovirals that bollix glucose metabolism.
You ache for the day when instead of "winner all right, winner all right" he suddenly announces "the winner's a bollix, I had me brains on the second and me jackpot's up the pictures.