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a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines)

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The Security Infrastructure Working Group, currently comprised of the Mayor's Office, New York Police Department, Department of Transportation, the Department of Design and Construction, Public Design Commission, Department of City Planning, Department of Environmental Protection, Fire Department of New York, Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Management and Budget will streamline the bollard design and construction by co-ordinating with the agencies responsible for reviewing and approving bollard installations to conduct their reviews as concurrently as possible.
The P1 designation means the lower leading edge of the medium-duty truck bed penetrated less than one metre from the backside of the bollard upon impact.
Door manufacturer Hormann Middle East and Africa has introduced automatic bollards in three new versions.
When people know it's just a bollard they will just continue as normal as they get used to them - so when a child does step out, the potential for them to get hit is still there.
Award-winning Bollard Load Testing Ltd (BLT), based in Tyne Dock, has a unique system to ensure the bollards used on quaysides are safe and secure to moor all types and sizes of vessels.
A major study is now underway through the whole region," Bollard said, noting that the report will be finalized next year and is being
It would be better than the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, but that means it could be harder to achieve as well and would have high standards, Bollard said.
He fell in the car park and grabbed a rope between two concrete bollards to break his fall.
Comfort Suites in Daytona Beach, Florida has chosen United States-based Access Fixtures LED area lights, LED bollard lights, and LED landscape lighting to upgrade its parking lot lighting and ambient lighting.
In a speech to the Employers and Manufacturers Association in Auckland, Dr Bollard said governments, Firms, farmers and households across many parts of the advanced world took on large amounts of debt in the last couple of decades.
But there are no circumstances specified by any regulatory instrument in this country that make you put in that keep-left bollard.
TWO teen entrepreneurs have found the answer to soaring university fees - by painting roadside bollards.
25%, however hawkish comments by Trichet and Bollard have traders expecting a rate hike in the near future.
A POLICE squad car was impaled on a mechanical bollard in Liverpool city centre.