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a strong post (as on a wharf or quay or ship for attaching mooring lines)

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Paisley Sheriff Court heard McKenzie was responding to his job sheet when he mistakenly headed through Paisley Cross into High Street, striking the metal bollard on September 22 last year.
"The ARIE has a great versatile design that is perfect for both contractors and end users looking to purchase a commercial bollard light," says Clyde Porcella, Access Fixtures' General Manager.
The bollard's sole purpose is to prevent vehicles from crashing through.
MISSING safety bollards and unlit traffic islands are putting the lives of drivers and motorcyclists in serious danger, according to a former traffic policeman.
PRIVATE contractors are being paid to sit in vans next to Broadgate 24 hours a day - in case bollards need to be lifted to allow vehicles into the city centre square.
THE city council said bollards are just one of the measures used to protect people in the city centre and that improvements are being undertaken.
The Security Infrastructure Working Group, currently comprised of the Mayor's Office, New York Police Department, Department of Transportation, the Department of Design and Construction, Public Design Commission, Department of City Planning, Department of Environmental Protection, Fire Department of New York, Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Management and Budget will streamline the bollard design and construction by co-ordinating with the agencies responsible for reviewing and approving bollard installations to conduct their reviews as concurrently as possible.
Door manufacturer Hormann Middle East and Africa has introduced automatic bollards in three new versions.
"When people know it's just a bollard they will just continue as normal as they get used to them - so when a child does step out, the potential for them to get hit is still there."
Award-winning Bollard Load Testing Ltd (BLT), based in Tyne Dock, has a unique system to ensure the bollards used on quaysides are safe and secure to moor all types and sizes of vessels.
"A major study is now underway through the whole region," Bollard said, noting that the report will be finalized next year and is being
A pair of local brothers have set up a Facebook page called The Happy Bollard of Helsby in honour of the stout structure which stands outside the Shell garage on Chester Road.
The two men lifted the bollard off the little boy but he died in hospital from head injuries.
International Resource News-November 13, 2014--Comfort Suites, Florida selects Access Fixtures LED area lights, LED bollard lights and LED landscape lighting
New Zealand may be dealing with the aftermath of the large increase in private debt for quite some time, Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard said today.