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greyish weevil that lays its eggs in cotton bolls destroying the cotton

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So the boll weevils in India became super-resistant and farmers were still stuck with planting Monsanto's GM seeds forever, basically.
Objection, with the exception of the boll weevils, what does this have to do with anything?
Here the artist tends to his cotton with loving attention, ridding it of boll weevils and other fabled critters of southern slave lore.
He was able to sell the peanuts for more money than he would have received for a crop of cotton before the boll weevils came.
To some extent, that fumbling may have resulted from the shock of the election's outcome, though it no doubt also reflected the contradictions internal to the Democratic coalition: House Democrats include boll weevils and pure corporate stooges as well as more conventionally New Deal liberal types.
Each has a single purpose -- finding young boll weevils beside which to lay her eggs.
Like his five-year-old daughter, who is slowly poisoned by the arsenic she uses to dust the cotton crop in order to protect it from boll weevils, he is gradually victimized by a uniquely Southern system of segregation and sharecropping which infects his life.
Seasonal determination of sex ratios and condition of diapause of boll weevils in traps and in the field.
Captures of weevils in traps are also used to help eradication-program managers decide whether to spray insecticides against boll weevils in particular fields.
rice is grown in fields that once grew cotton, which depends on arsenic-based chemicals to kill boll weevils and remove its leaves before harvesting.
Or imagine yourself as a busy Midwest row crop producer who finds advice in his inbox on when to treat cotton for boll weevils.
Besides border inspections, APHIS deals with eradication of pests and diseases affecting the food and fiber supply, ranging from cotton boll weevils to citrus canker.
653) and the Piedmont Boll Weevils of the South Atlantic League (67-36, .
The higher yield reduction for cotton was attributed to the lack of malathion for eradicating boll weevils.