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greyish weevil that lays its eggs in cotton bolls destroying the cotton

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Name Type Japanese beetle Interception Ball AR934A Funnel Panel Sticky Universal moth (Unitrap) Funnel Delta Pherocon IIID Sticky Lindgren-modified (1) Interception Stink bug trap (2) Funnel Boll weevil trap (2) Funnel Fly trap (2) Entrance holes in lid Name Original target Japanese beetle Scarab beetles Ball AR934A Fruit flies, yellow jackets Panel Aphids, thrips, etc.
Eradication Foundation, which operates boll weevil eradication programs
Monsanto, unfortunately, also forgot to tell the farmers that boll weevils were pretty tough little buggers, so tough that they built resistance to the gene in the cotton seed that previously they had succumbed to, and became super boll weevils, reconfiguring their genetic makeup, multiplying like flies and eating every fresh young cotton head they could sink their mandibles into.
Dear Editor, In the debate about ethical clothing, it's important to remember pesticides are critically important to cotton farmers around the world, helping them protect their crops against pests such as the cotton borer and boll weevil (Style or sweatshop, Post July 4).
Kansas has an important advantage over the South when it comes to growing cotton: the boll weevil, scourge of Southern growers for generations, doesn't like the state's cold winters.
Electric Blue Watermelon includes originals ("Moonshine," "Hurry Up Sunrise") in a Southern rock mode, hardcore funk ("Stomping My Foot"), and at least one traditional number, "Mississippi Boll Weevil," that's older than the three band members combined.
When government uses its coercive power to intervene in the free marketplace, agriculture can discover something worse to contend with than the corn borer or the boll weevil.
Documentaries are among the most exciting and provocative films around, despite their reputation as being akin to those awful classroom movies about the mating life of the boll weevil.
With partners, he formed a company to use aerial crop-dusting to fight the boll weevil menace in the Mississippi Delta cotton crop.
Biggers' work with the Academy, he is currently involved in studying the genetics of the cotton boll weevil and over the years has published his work in such journals as: The Journal of Heredity, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Journal of Fish Biology, and of course the Journal of The Tennessee Academy of Science.
Senate Democrats nearly succeeded in giving American taxpayers a budgetary boll weevil for the holidays: a farm bill that would have done nothing to reduce the dependence of farmers on government handouts and that would have doled out billions of dollars in new federal subsidies over the next five years.
I visited my son and his wife once just after they moved to Alabama and there I ran across a monument to the boll weevil.
Throughout Toomer's stay the newspaper was full of hand-wringing about the boll weevil, as well as of advice about diversifying crops, using anti-weevil poisons, and hoarding existing cotton stocks until the price should rise again.
There is apparently an active home buying home owning movement, with many circumstances indicating that the colored people coming in with the new influx are making preparations to stay, their viewpoint being that of the boll weevil in that famous negro song, "This'll Be My Home.
5 million for boll weevil eradication - even though the pests no longer threaten Tennessee's cotton crops;