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the basic unit of money in Venezuela

Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule

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3 Bolivares to one US dollar, this is not at all in tune with the people's lack of confidence in the currency.
Refuelling the almost empty tank with 430 litres of diesel does cost not much more than 20 Bolivares Fuertes, Venezuela's reform currency since January 2008, which equals some Dh35 at the official exchange rate.
097 Bolivares Fuertes/Litre, (which the equivalent of about US$0.
However, last March, an administrative court imposed on RCTV a 1,494 million bolivares (U.
The good news for PDVSA partners in the JVs is that investments already made in each field will be recognised as part of the new company's capital, which should relieve companies having invested about 20 bn bolivares (US$9.
Exports of Cuban goods and services may be paid for with Venezuelan products in bolivares or in other mutually acceptable currencies.
Seventy, 80, 100,000 bolivares ($35-70) for a consultation.
It promotes the creation of small cooperatives of up to nine women, but the loans are awarded individually, beginning with small annual sums of 300 to 400 thousand bolivares (US$250-420 at current rates) at very low fixed interest rates (12% annually or 1% per month).
Francisco Uson, head of the Central Budget Office, said that while the 450 billion bolivares budgeted for this year will be close to the amount needed, the funds may not be sufficient to completely cover salaries.
Montezuma, who is out of a mare by Sharpen Up, Twelve Sharp, has won eight of his 14 races and earned over 33 million bolivares (about pounds 366,000).
Fundagrea, whose annual budget is around 15-20 million bolivares ($40,000), works with 25 coffee producers in the states of Lara, Miranda, and Guarico; organic production is now beginning in Sucre.
In Margarita, a case of Vina Altagracia costs 7,000 bolivares (US$41) - a bargain for French or Italian tourists used to paying $10 for a single bottle of similar wine at home.
The official exchange rate is now bolivares fuertes 6.
The increase of $32 million was mainly due to higher foreign exchange losses, which included an $8 million pre-tax charge for the re-measurement of Venezuelan assets denominated in bolivares.
Unit-10 had been brought back on-line after five months of repairs and testing, which cost 5bn bolivares (US$795mn).