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the basic unit of money in Venezuela

Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule

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Igor Gonzales, President, and CEO of Sierra Metals commented: Management is committed to improving operations in Mexico and to increase the profitability of both the Bolivar and Cusi Mines.
Com essas palavras, Marlene Vazquez Perez resume neste artigo a paixao do heroi cubano Jose Marti pelo pensamento e obra de Simao Bolivar, a mesma que o fez dizer aos seus jovens leitores na Era de Ouro: "Todos os americanos devem amar ao Bolivar como um pai".
I believe the secretary-general a couple of days ago mentioned that there was an agreement among the Asean foreign ministers that the preference is for a legally binding code of conduct and let me speak of the Philippines position,' Bolivar said.
El texto de Marx contra Bolivar trajo muchas complicaciones para los izquierdistas sudamericanos, que recurrieron a una linea en una carta del Libertador a Rafael Urdaneta para poder levantarlo junto al Che Guevara: "Los Estados Unidos que parecen destinados por la Providencia para plagar la America de miserias en nombre de la Libertad".
The decision to eliminate the 100 bolivar note led to long lines at banks as Venezuelans attempted to get rid of the bills last week before the ban took effect, the (http://www.
Besides her parents, Edwin and Idella (Frederick) Bolivar, she is predeceased by her husband, John Bragg, her son, Robert Sawicki, her daughter, Linda Clark, a brother, Stanley Bolivar and a sister, Doris Bolivar.
En la primera parte, "El culto a Bolivar en Venezuela", se discuten las lecturas seminales de German Carrera Damas (1973), Yolanda Salas de Lecuna (1987) y Luis Castro Leiva (1991) que muestran como Bolivar se configuro como el encofrado que moldeo el hormigon del edificio de la unidad del proyecto nacional venezolano.
Caribbean and Latin America, said it's owed $488 million by the Venezuela government, valued at the official bolivar rate of 6.
On June 2, 1816, Bolivar affirmed total freedom for slaves in the Spanish colonies, announcing, "I have come to decree, as law full liberty to all slaves who have trembled under the Spanish yoke for three centuries.
BOLIVIAN champions Bolivar are trying to tempt David Beckham out of retirement.
London, Dec 21 ( ANI ): Moneybags Bolivian football club Bolivar is reportedly trying to tempt England legend David Beckham to come out of retirement and take part in the side's matches in the Copa Libertadores, which is South America's version of the Champions League.
Translated from the German, Zeuske examines Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), the man and the myth, who promoted the myth, who needed it and why, and how it emerged.
Although Bolivar was a brilliant general and a staunch advocate of personal freedom and self-rule, his methods, even during peacetime, were capricious, authoritarian, and frequently brutal.