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any of a group of synthetic steroid hormones used to stimulate muscle and bone growth

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Much like Ella Baker, a former Field Secretary and Director of Branches, Bolin adhered to the principles of "participatory democracy," and as such resented what she saw as the "contemptuous and scornful attitude on the part of the paid staff and a majority of the Board toward the NAACP Branches and people who work in the branches.
Bolin was serving as Second Vice-President of the New York Branch in 1943 when Executive Secretary Walter White, Assistant Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins, and Special Counsel Thurgood Marshall nominated her for "the woman member of the Board of Directors for whom the Committee on Nominations left a vacancy.
While thoroughly committed to the NAACP ideologically, in administrative matters Bolin frequently challenged, what Christopher Reed refers to as, the "principle of centrality" which left the branches in a perpetually subordinate position to the National Office.
In 1949, after serving twelve years on the Executive Committee of the New York Branch and five years on the National Board of Directors, Bolin was summarily dropped as a Board member.
At the time of the Nominating Committee's decision to not re-nominate Bolin, she was one of fourteen New York Branch members who were also National Board members.
However, the Committee's split over the selection of Bolin for removal had made suspect an otherwise routine and reasonable decision to make the National Board more representative.
The campaign of the New York and Jamaica branches got a jumpstart when news of the Nominating Committee's failure to re-nominate Bolin was leaked to the newspapers.
Two days later, the Board of Directors called a meeting, where Judge Bolin spoke on a point of personal privilege.
36) Bolin agreed, and said as much to the Board in the October meeting when she stated, "I must say that we are not meeting the obligation we have to the masses of the people .
The Committee probably imagined some minor opposition from within the Board, which they clearly hoped to quell with their recommendation and election of Bolin for a vice-presidency.
Yet, there were several national officers, including Judge Delany, James Allen, William Lloyd Imes, and Earl Dickerson, who endorsed the letter from the New York Branch to all NAACP branch presidents In their estimation members of the Nominating Committee had gone to great lengths to deny the NAACP an outstanding leader in Judge Bolin, and had in effect attempted "to prevent the election of any candidates nominated by the Branch by independent petition as provided for in the N.
Marching Bag--Movement One w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Greg Hampton, John Scofield, Sonny Landreth
Marching Bag--Movement Two w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Steve Lukather, Derek Trucks, Peter Frampton
Marching Bag--Movement Three w/ Gordie Johnson, Bolin, Nels Cline, Oz Noy, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa
Marching Bag--Movement Four w/ Nels Cline, Bolin, Warren Haynes, Joe Bonamassa, Oz Noy, Brad Whitford, Peter Frampton