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an especially luminous meteor (sometimes exploding)


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The bolide was processed as temporary importation under ATA Carnet (ATA - Admission Temporaire), however the specialists requested additional documents from the Indian party.
Bolide caixa 18, poema caixa 2, Homenagem a Cara de Cavalo de Helio Oiticica".
The export comprises of the French-bred bulls Bolide and Bahut respectively, together with semen from the 120,000gns world-recordpriced Limousin bull Dolcorsllwyn Fabio.
Under this contract, Saab will provide new operator training simulators, upgraded fire units to support the BORC night-capable sight and the latest Bolide missile, new external power supplies plus a four-year support agreement.
Paul Newman, chief scientist for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's atmospheric science lab, said in a statement that about 30 years ago they could only state that the plume was embedded in the stratospheric jet stream but the current models are capable of precisely tracing the bolide and understanding its evolution as it moves around the Earth, Discovery News reported.
Remote sensing techniques were applied to identify limestones, dolomites and quartz associated with the bolide impact.
A l'issue de cette deuxieme etape, ayant relie mardi Tafraout a Ouarzazate sur une distance de 445 Km, dont plus d'une centaine de kilometres d'epreuves chronometrees, le Francais Gache a bord de sa "vigoureuse" Mazda RX7 a fait feu de tout bois et s'est empare de la premiere place du classement general, devancant, d'un coup, ses deux compatriotes qui ne semblent nullement disposes a courber l'echine, Vaison au volant de sa Peugeot 504 et Brianti a bord de son bolide, la fameuse Porsche 911.
Following on from other recent bright meteor events, such as the daytime Chelyabinsk bolide and consequent meteorite over Russia on 15 February 2013, South Africa witnessed its own very bright bolide (the correct term for a very bright meteor seen to explode) just after mid-day on 12 March 2013.
au volant de son gros bolide qui devorait les paves, une vitre mouchetee de gouttelettes et mon ame tout de suite devint melancolique.
This is all based on folks that have observed it and it fits the bill for a bolide - an exceptionally bright orange white glowing literal fireball with a green tail.
All this makes me wonder if dinosaurs were really killed by a bolide impact or did they commit mass suicide to save some other specie?
Eis o motivo: nao ha em lugar algum no objeto artistico a mencao linguistica a Cara de Cavalo, a nao ser em outra obra--mostrada abaixo, essa que tem por titulo Bolide 18, B-33 e que foi conhecida como Bolide em homenagem a Cara de Cavalo.
But only few people can construct a competitive F1 bolide, and even a good modern tractor is to be worked at a lot.