anabolic steroid

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any of a group of synthetic steroid hormones used to stimulate muscle and bone growth

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III] for up to 3 days and then measured and analyzed arsenic meta bolic profiles using ICP-MS [for representative chromatograms, see Supplemental Material, Figure 3 (doi:10.
The clinical and laboratory results of SRA positive samples Age /Sex Heparin ELISA SRA type (OD) (% release) 77/F UFH 0,870 74 75/M UFH 2,870 85 66/M UFH 0,807 65 62/F LMWH 0,555 59 Age /Sex Platelet Minimum Thromboem- count at platelet bolic event study entry count during ([mm.
Rodrigo Tello's first-half effort did the damage, just as Elvir Bolic broke Sir Alex Ferguson's team all those years ago - goalkeeper Rustu Recber the constant -with United left to do a spot of naval gazing over the winter months.
Rodrigo Tello's first-half effort did the damage, just as Elvir Bolic broke Ferguson's team all those years ago - goalkeeper Rustu Recber the constant.
Teff, PhD, a meta bolic physiologist at Monell Chemical Senses Center and Director of Translational Research at the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism at the University of Pennsylvania.
Pictured left to right are Walt Bolic, Delta Dental of New Mexico chief executive officer; Demetra Logothetis, RDH, MS, UNM dental hygiene program professor and director; and Gregory Grannan, Delta Dental pro fessional services executive.
Predicting heart rate response to various meta bolic rates, environments, and clothing.
McGhee also revealed he intended to surf the net to find out the name of Nancy's manager but because of the sham bolic way he and his staff had been treated he couldn't care less.
Exact ray calculations in a quasipara bolic ionosphere with no magnetic field.
Two years ago, Bosnia's hopes of reaching a World Cup qualification play-off went to the final match, but key players Elvir Bolic and Hasan Salihimidzic retired at the end of that campaign and their absence has hit hard.
The participation of children creating flower carpets, families walking in candle-light vigil, and a sym bolic Andean remembrance ceremony, among other expressions, indicate that the participants' memories had neither been silenced nor forgotten despite the claims of some that the CVR would open old wounds.
8) In their discussion, they dismissed the relationship of ONJ to BIS therapy due to a lack of reports of the adverse drug reaction and the meta bolic action of BIS to reduce bone loss.
The romantic sub-plot involving Rothman's wife (Molly Parker) and mistress (Leelee Sobieski) is undernourished while his doomed attempt to stage a politically sym- bolic performance piece for his collectors is embarrassingly heavy handed.
tor,object, vocal, and sym- 1997), but object imita- bolic imitation separately tion may display poorer to promote generalized generalization (Young, et imitation in each category.
The visitors took the lead on 39 minutes thanks to a mistake from goalkeeper Pedro Contreras, who somehow let a weak shot from Bosnian forward Elvir Bolic through his legs.