anabolic steroid

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any of a group of synthetic steroid hormones used to stimulate muscle and bone growth

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Five minutes before the break, Bolic gave another indication of just what a threat he was when he managed to get a shot in on goal which dribbled past Sullivan's left upright.
And he was left exposed by his defenders for Bolic's goal
Cardiometa bolic Unit (UCM 7) and Physiology Departm, School of Medicine (UCLA), Barquisimeto, Venezuela Jose Ramon Borges, Bioanalist, Central Laboratory Coordinator.
Other possible causes suggested are: environmen- tal conditions, premature birth, perinatal compli- cations, exposure to dioxine by prolonged breast- feeding, respiratory diseases and oxygen shortage of the ameloblasts, calcium and phosphate meta- bolic troubles, oxygen starvation associated to low birth weight and febrile childhood diseases.
In brief, 40856 individuals (47.8%) completed a questionnaire on demographics, history of cardiovascular and meta bolic outcomes, medication use, and pregnancy before their first visit and collected an early morning urine sample in a vial to measure urinary albumin concentration.
However, recent stud ies have shed light on the vital mechanisms that ensure the survival of cancer cells, including the ability to escape from immune surveillance as well as the ability to undergo meta bolic adaptations that provide cancer cells with a secure energy supply for their uncontrolled proliferation.
Bolic, "Robust computationally efficient control of cooperative closed-chain manipulators with uncertain dynamics," Automatica, vol.
[KS2] Gennadi Kasparov, Georges Skandalis, Groups acting properly on "bolic" spaces and the Novikov conjecture.
bolic defending from a corner but the ball dropped straight to Streller.
The most common component of meta- bolic syndrome is low HDL or high LDL.1 The re- sults showed 16 out of 62 (25.8%) being of normal weight 7 out of 44 (15.9%) being overweight and 82 out of 281(29.2%) obese subjects had dyslipidemia.
Maybe they have a faster metaA[degrees] bolic rate." As a weight loss conA[degrees] sultant, the nutritionist has observed that a willingness to change is possible once people are convinced a good meal doesn't always have to be boiled or bland.
Approval came less than a month after a meeting in December, when the FDA's Endocrinologic and Meta bolic Drugs Advisory Committee voted 13-1 that the benefits of dapagliflozin outweighed its risks for improving glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes mellims as an adjunct to diet and exercise.
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