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a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)

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the main stem of a tree

a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa


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Tarzan braced himself against the bole of the tree and leaned closer toward Sheeta.
Goaded to frenzy the cat presently determined to come up after this disturber of his peace; but when he essayed to leap to the branch that held Tarzan he found the sharp spear point always in his face, and each time as he dropped back he was prodded viciously in some tender part; but at length, rage having conquered his better judgment, he leaped up the rough bole to the very branch upon which Tarzan stood.
Tarzan put a broad shoulder beneath the bole of the tree, and as he did so his bare leg pressed against the cat's silken side, so close was the man to the great beast.
Tarzan rose to his feet upon the swaying branch where he had halted far above the ground, and motioned to the child to follow him; but Tibo only clung tightly to the bole of the tree and wept.
Boles, an aide to schools minister Nick Gibb, will also push for the scrapping of the Sure Start scheme which helps parents with childcare costs.
The UK search for extragalactic supernovae continues to be led by Tom Boles who has found a further 10, bringing his cumulative number of discoveries to 142.
A wall at the estate had been recorded ten years ago as having 38 boles - the alcoves where the bees were kept in baskets.
It is the second self-storage project for Boles, who in 2000 opened the 142-unit Meadow Lane Storage facility off Roosevelt Boulevard in the Four Corners area of Eugene.
Dale Boles, former president of Brown Jordan International, a company he sold to WinsLoew Furniture in May 2001, has launched Pacific Casual, a combined domestic and direct-import company that specializes in generic replacement cushions and umbrellas, along with a decorative line of Stonecast pottery for specialty outdoor retailers.
But Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles said reinstating the program without reliable funding would be just as disruptive as not having monitoring at all.
At the same time, Boles is careful to state that we mustn't let our own views of slavery and race "overwhelm our view of Jefferson," and "impoverish" our understanding of his significant accomplishments, especially "his commitment to political liberty and intellectual and religious freedom.
It can be observed that the greater percentage (>50%) is found in boles from trees of the lower diameter class, and the greater the diameter class, this percentage is reduced, becoming stable between 40 and 43%.
Allison Chairman Larry Dewey (left) presented Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles an award featuring a gear, representative of both companies' origins and a core Allison automatic transmission component.
On a visit to Newcastle, skills minister Nick Boles MP warned that Brexit could be fatal to the digital sector in the region.