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Synonyms for bole

a soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment)

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the main stem of a tree

a Chadic language spoken in northern Nigeria and closely related to Hausa


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Tarzan braced himself against the bole of the tree and leaned closer toward Sheeta.
Goaded to frenzy the cat presently determined to come up after this disturber of his peace; but when he essayed to leap to the branch that held Tarzan he found the sharp spear point always in his face, and each time as he dropped back he was prodded viciously in some tender part; but at length, rage having conquered his better judgment, he leaped up the rough bole to the very branch upon which Tarzan stood.
Tarzan put a broad shoulder beneath the bole of the tree, and as he did so his bare leg pressed against the cat's silken side, so close was the man to the great beast.
Tarzan rose to his feet upon the swaying branch where he had halted far above the ground, and motioned to the child to follow him; but Tibo only clung tightly to the bole of the tree and wept.
On a visit to the city, Mr Boles was given a mock job interview by pupils at Saltley School and said he saw a group of 'confident' young people ready to take up opportunities on offer.
SKILLS and Equalities Minister Nick Boles is to visit Stockton Sixth Form College on Friday.
Boles died in late March near his Milwaukee-area home.
Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney raised his concerns about the lack of a Local Development Framework in Kirklees with the planning minister Nick Boles in the the Commons.
Neighbours of the office of MP Nick Boles in Bourne, Lincolnshire, were awoken by two loud explosions, 45 minutes apart, in the small hours of the morning.
Funeral services will be held 11am Wednesday at Boles Funeral Home Chapel in Southern Pines with burial in the West End Cemetery.
NO sooner had public pressure put paid to the crackpot government idea of selling the nation''s forests to make a quick buck, than along comes an eager-to-please panning minister, Nick Boles, whose joint answer to unemployment and the housing squeeze is to concrete over three per cent of the English countryside.
Tom Boles found seven more supernovae of which five received designations and two were confirmed optically on a second night eliminating 'asteroidal' movement, but without spectra.
* I'M sure I'm not the only OAP disgusted at a Tory MP Mick Boles calling for the axing of our benefits.
FIRST we had George Osborne cutting the top rate of Income Tax for his rich friends then along comes the MP Nick Boles suggesting pensioners should shoulder their share of the national pain.