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music written in the rhythm of the bolero dance

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a short jacket

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a Spanish dance in triple time accompanied by guitar and castanets

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"Like all musical expressions with authentic popular roots and with total capacity for communication," writes Mexican critic Javier Gonzalez Rubio in an essay for the album Symphonic Boleros (Teldec) by Ettore Stratta and the Royal Philharmonic, "the bolero has remained alive and is again vigorous, beyond its nostalgic following.
With Eidris Mangoda shooting 223 to go with the 178 and 174 by Gerry Mandanas and Igna Salgado and a pair of 162s by Paolo Allego and Rene Martinez, Kabayan easily won the first game against Boleros 932-886.
El bolero es un producto estetico de la modernidad que canaliza una gran variedad de aspiraciones: sociales, historicas, politicas, religiosas y, sobre todo, individuales.
The past two years saw 147 boleros registered in Trashigang and this year 10 boleros have registered till date.
Boleros returned the top tally of 36 points, well ahead of Hidada 34 and Sky Freight Forwarders 29.
For brides who prefer strapless or summer versions, a shrug or bolero is ideal.
The Mahindra Bolero community on popular social networking site, Facebook, has over 2.91 lakh fans sharing their adventures and experiences in their Boleros.