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Synonyms for boldface

a typeface with thick heavy lines

print in boldface

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At most fighter wings, heavy emphasis is placed on knowing the Boldface steps; but information contained in a warning, caution, or note is asked much less frequently.
However, two TAC accidents have indicated that Boldface procedures were not performed as required, or that while performing the Boldface, aircraft control was not maintained.
According to experts at the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory (AFHRL), Boldface procedures and tests have three major limitations: "Judgment is not allowed, diagnosis is provided in the problem statement, and only Boldface procedures are regularly treated." Overall system knowledge and flexibility are not sufficiently emphasized.
As stated by the AFHRL: "Boldface training discourages judgment or makes it harder to exercise."
At first, there were few procedures deemed serious enough to merit Boldface treatment.