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Synonyms for boldface

a typeface with thick heavy lines

print in boldface

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Don't just hand those boldface and closed-book tests out every now and again.
they were going broke and he helped fix them), states in boldface italic type (sort of like a belt and suspenders): "This book will help managers detect a serious business problem, either in your company or in a competitor's, within a year of reading.
All words that have an entry are in boldface for easy cross-reference, and icons show the reader at a glance the general facet of life that each word refers to: food, geography, religion, etc.
Titles are now in boldface, and keyword descriptors have been added.
Last week the Observer came out with a front-page piece on the New York Times' Boldface Names scribe Joyce Wadler.
To the above boldface categories and copy, we'd add these:
When examining the data contained in this report, data users should be aware that the first line following each table number presents in boldface type that table's unit of count: incident, offense, victim, or known offender.
TARANTARRATARA (6) The OED has taratantara as a main entry but also shows tarantarratara in boldface type as a 19th century variant spelling.
The editors usefully chose to indicate Manzoni's text by setting it in boldface, but did not provide page references to it.
The county will start sending out notices of past-due property taxes each year and printing past-due amounts in boldface on bills with a color background.
Companies listed in boldface are advertisers in this issue of Solutions
Forgo the excessive use of special functions such as underline, boldface, or color type.
One company that bought a special boldface listing advertisement in our CIL Buyer's Guide (July/August 2001) has reported an error.
The boldface credentials appeared in a Vanity Fair profile five years before Ammann's premature death in 1993.
Our hero, Wallace Benton (played by Oliver Platt), is a columnist at the New York Ledger "who lives life in boldface type and makes headlines of his own with his rabble-rousing 'Nothing but the Truth' byline," says the promo material.