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Synonyms for boldface

a typeface with thick heavy lines

print in boldface

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Nicole Ostoya, Boldface's chief executive officer, told Women's Wear Daily that they were confident that it's not the name that matters to their fans, but the Kardashian sisters' commitment to making this line a true reflection of their love for cosmetics.
ECMO-1 and I executed the boldface procedures while maintaining a safe standoff range from the tanker.
Products will include Au Naturel Nude Lip sets, Intimate Spotlight Highlighter and Honey Sticks Lip Gloss, each designed with Kourtney's, Kim's and Khloe's input and guidance, Boldface said.
Sikora interviewed Johnson from 1976 to 1989 and throughout the book are extensive quotes from them (printed in boldface).
Introducing Geology does not talk down to its readers in the slightest, yet most scientific terms are typed in boldface and listed in the glossary to aid comprehension.
To help readers follow the instructions in this article, we use two different typefaces: Boldface type is used to identify the names of icons, agendas and URLs.
For example, Wired often sets off a new section by adding a line space and putting the first four words of the subsequent paragraph in boldface capital letters.
Companies advertising in the Handbook appear in boldface type; refer to the Advertisers' Index on p.
Like other "Dummies" books, this has a chapter on the "parts of tens"--lists such as "ten tips for an effective audit committee" and "ten smart management moves." The heavy use of big, boldface headers, symbols and the occasional cartoon set this book apart from most business volumes; indeed, the blaring presentation wears out its welcome quickly.
With the American Civil Liberties Union, Helen Green filed suit on March 2 in federal court against Bowman and the town Bowman has since called the allegation against him "a boldface face lie."
It's genuinely tough to attract bona fide boldface names to events like these in D.C., in part because most of the celebrities here are politicians, who fear that being photographed partying with supermodels at trendy French-Asian restaurants won't necessarily play well with the voters back home.
The first paragraph should have read (omitted sentence in boldface):
On the second page of the book, Sutton, who has had a number of positions (often at or near the top) of companies that he's often had to turn around (i.e., they were going broke and he helped fix them), states in boldface italic type (sort of like a belt and suspenders): "This book will help managers detect a serious business problem, either in your company or in a competitor's, within a year of reading.
All words that have an entry are in boldface for easy cross-reference, and icons show the reader at a glance the general facet of life that each word refers to: food, geography, religion, etc.