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a typeface with thick heavy lines

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My WSO repeated the bold face to make sure we were on the same page.
Chandler of telling "bold face lies" by misrepresenting her legislative record, and of being heavily influenced by lobbyists and political action committees, especially when it comes to health insurance issues.
AIMING to follow his very well received design of the recently launched Grande Punto, Giorgetto Giugario has also been responsible for the distinctive styling of the Sedici, a car which instantly identifies with its Fiat pedigree via a bold face, boasting muscular wings with flared wheel arches and a large grille flanked by a pair of wrap-around headlamps.
Owen tried to put a bold face on things afterwards, saying, 'Even when we were losing, we were always confident we could come through and win the game.
Index page numbers, however, are not in bold face type to indicate illustrations.
The bold face has a wide grille and three-dimensional, clear-glass headlamps.
The durable-manufacturing group of industries (bold face in table) comprise the so-called metalworking industries (listed separately) plus non-metalworking durables like wood and mineral products, and primary metals (not shown).
So, culturally speaking, here are some of the more literary aspects of my life, printed in bold face, so if you just skim through it looks like I'm really smart:
The economy line with bold face type and fabric straps retails for less than $50.
You know, I'll put something in bold face and then I'll talk about it.
Large, bold face type, which can be clearly seen from a distance of 10 meters, provides additional information.
The subheads of each chapter are in bold face to make this newer edition more visually effective.
Its shape and bold face give it a somewhat startled look.
(See example at right.) Bold face numbers indicate that the supplier is advertising elsewhere in this issue.
Harris's character/speaker/poet Junior Baby insists, through the ten poem-chapters of his autobiography, that his life and art must be "full of general style humane wit occasional blues / & insistent toleration for most other folks / not to mention bold face memories / worth retelling." Blending Guinean writer Camara Laye's definition of griot with the approach of the African American vernacular aesthetic practiced by Langston Hughes and Al Young, among many, Peter J.