bola tie

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a cord fastened around the neck with an ornamental clasp and worn as a necktie

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What came to pass for dress-up neckwear--and still does if you score a seriously cool one--was the bola tie (also called bolo tie), a dangle devised by a Wickenburg silversmith in the 1940s.
"The overriding image of bola ties is that they're corny and dorky, worn by humorless white men who seldom commit taste or fashion," writes Tucson author Tom Miller in his latest collection of Southwestern essays, Jack Ruby's Kitchen Sink.
Penney suit, my favorite bola tie and the cowboy boots that were too tight, even in death.
I think this is (or was) a carry-over from the post-war decades when unsophisticated "rockhounding" was sweeping the country as a hobby, and many people were looking for anything that would "take a polish." They would gather up rocks and stones from the desert or from local quarries and then slice and dice them in their garage to make all manner of kitschy objects, from bookends to bola ties to imitation food items, just for the handicrafty fun of it.