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a turbulent and stormy state of the sea

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the property of being noisy and lively and unrestrained

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In the Modern School classroom, students' interest played a large role in determining what was studied; students could come and go as they pleased, and boisterousness was accepted, if not embraced.
Rafi very ably used to change his mellow and smooth voice to suit Shami Kapoor's boisterousness.
With a good draw in slot ten, their anti-war entry brings a calm to the running order after Serbia's boisterousness.
No one is ever seriously injured, because Ignatius's domineering boisterousness is more bluster than real violence.
20) Yet this was not exceptional in the public school boisterousness of British colonial life.
He said that for the past 12 weeks she was over-active over-talkative had severe sleeplessness and was upsetting others by non- stop shouting repeated banging and thumping and boisterousness.
I used to be frightened by his boisterousness in those days, shying away from this cousin who was more than ten years older than I and who mostly seemed to enjoy teasing me" (16).
Some can show their boisterousness, others are quiet and check things out, some can just get cranky waiting for an appointment that drags on, still some don't really want to talk to a stranger and the parental stress can also get to them.
Positively, hearing the entire story balances out the loud boisterousness of the following Sunday.
Palm wine inebriation occurs in a slow, imperceptible process, producing a titter here, then a roar of laughter there, until finally, the rolling on the ground sort of boisterousness takes over.
The orchestra, highly attuned to conductor Yves Abel's assured direction, was in on the shenanigans throughout, yet never let the boisterousness of much of the score overpower the singers.
If he floated gracefully with the Manipuris, he could dance with zest with the Nagas and match the boisterousness of of Bhangra dancers from Punjab .
This was meant to curb all kinds of behaviour, including boisterousness, whining, temper tantrums, and wanting to eat only dessert.
This is of especial interest to the degree that the essay, with its generic indeterminacy, best records the imprint of the mind of its conceiver: a persons natural endowment of reticence, fluent wisdom, or boisterousness, unsuppressed by convention, show themselves in the essay in their wonted proportions.
However, I do apologise for my boisterousness in my earlier letter which might have offended some.