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a turbulent and stormy state of the sea

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the property of being noisy and lively and unrestrained

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Patton Jr., he wasn't known for boisterousness or a salty vocabulary.
She was created following discussions with 100 of Scotland's primary schoolchildren to reflect the boisterousness, energy and confidence of Scotland's youth.
Due to his boisterousness at times and because he has had negative experiences with children previously we feel he should be rehomed with children (if present) of late primary school age and above.
The boisterousness of the bro-bonding is perfect audible cover for the gals to discuss their marital dissatisfaction.
(43) Dress codes are ubiquitous, and disrespectful words or conduct towards teachers, as well as boisterousness, vandalism or destruction of property, are not tolerated.
I, for example, live near the Dene, which is a totally different experience to being stuck in the midst of studentville - or the fake-tan-splattered boisterousness of Osborne Road's boozing hub.
Within the boisterousness of the gallery, this piece reminds you of a sinister time.
There was the usual shouting, knife handing, and boisterousness that we hoped the enemy could somehow hear miles away from the base.
Von Werra had joined the Luftwaffe at age 22 in 1936, where he gained a reputation as a competent officer but one given to boisterousness and what was called "playboy" behaviour.
In the Modern School classroom, students' interest played a large role in determining what was studied; students could come and go as they pleased, and boisterousness was accepted, if not embraced.
Rafi very ably used to change his mellow and smooth voice to suit Shami Kapoor's boisterousness. Whether it was Yahoo!
With a good draw in slot ten, their anti-war entry brings a calm to the running order after Serbia's boisterousness.
No one is ever seriously injured, because Ignatius's domineering boisterousness is more bluster than real violence.
The winner was disqualified when it was discovered that he had caught Digby and not the pig." (20) Yet this was not exceptional in the public school boisterousness of British colonial life.
He said that for the past 12 weeks she was over-active over-talkative had severe sleeplessness and was upsetting others by non- stop shouting repeated banging and thumping and boisterousness. Her medical record showed that she was a known case of bipolar disorder and had been suffering from affective episodes since the age of 14.