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Boink Boink helps companies to plan team building activities and applies for government grants that will help with costs.
Boink! A ripe orange-colored pod just smacked you in the head: This is unusual since the pods don't normally fall off the -- tree.
(Admittedly there were compensations; Harris became a Hippie Chick Magnet and even got to boink Joan Baez.) That makes his loud applause for the fanatic cops and prosecutors who goaded the Bush administration into invading Panama all the more appalling.
The painting emerged in 1964 from the collection of a Lady Campbell, and was sold at Sotheby's to an American collector, Mildred Boink, from Indiana.
She spurs on a gang of guys around her, including Gavin (Nathan Jones) and gobble (Gary Sheppeard), and Stephen (Dean Wong), who she likes to boink once in a while.
Wayne Wonder's No Letting Go is more mainstream but no less strange, being driven by a syncopated boink and possessing a chorus which is pure lovers rock treacle.
He offers the kid 300 bucks for a quick boink, and by page 41 they're back in his office, with Antonio getting more than his money's worth.
To say yes to dung artist Chris Ofili is to say no to street performer "bOINk." And when it's city cash flowing, it's city officials--through their appointed loyalists and budgetary controls--who ultimately make the call.