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Synonyms for boiling

Synonyms for boiling

Synonyms for boiling

the application of heat to change something from a liquid to a gas

cooking in a liquid that has been brought to a boil


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Boiling test is one of the most important tests during EGR cooler development.
Protocol Acronym What it measures Conditions in which it is conducted Water boiling test WBT Cookstove thermal Under controlled efficiency (in a conditions; direct way) considered as a laboratory test Controlled cooking CCT Specific fuel Under controlled test consumption (SFC) conditions; as proxy variable considered as a of efficiency laboratory test Kitchen KPT fuelwood savings Under real performance test operational conditions of the new technology; carried out under a normal kitchen routine
This work has conducted performance evaluation the nozzle type improved wood cook stove using water boiling test method to compare its performance with the 3-stone open fire mostly used in the rural areas in most developing countries.
Using MUPF resin at the adopted resination rates did not enable manufacture of boards that could withstand the boiling test conditions.
The results of water boiling test carried out indicate that the burning rate increases with increase in biomass concentration.
All measurement elements of the flow boiling test loop were carefully calibrated.
7 5 discoloration Controls Supplier Chemistry 4 h of water Salt spray boiling test test rating 500 h 1000 h Alodine Henkel Chromic acid, No 10 10 1200S Surface complex discoloration Tech fluorides, and accelerators AC 131 Adv.
A boiling test in deionized water showed good adhesion between the untreated COC and A1 surfaces.
cooper] unless pool boiling test data is available for the tubes to be used in the heat exchanger; in that case, [h.
Even though PS 1-95 requires samples from plywood bonded with exterior glue to be tested after being subjected to a vacuum pressure cycle and after a boiling test cycle, dry samples have also been tested in the past.