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Synonyms for boiling

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Synonyms for boiling

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Synonyms for boiling

the application of heat to change something from a liquid to a gas

cooking in a liquid that has been brought to a boil


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The stainless steel internal condenser was installed in the chamber and connected to an isothermal bath (Fisher Scientific, ISOTEMP 4100R28 Refrigerated/Heated Bath Circulators) in order to keep the bulk liquid at a constant subcooling temperature during the pool boiling tests. The test heater assembly was located on an aluminum bracket in the chamber and connected to electric wires and a T-type thermocouple.
It was found that, after 4 test runs of the water boiling test, the designed improved stove had a mean thermal efficiency of 28.8%.
This work has conducted performance evaluation the nozzle type improved wood cook stove using water boiling test method to compare its performance with the 3-stone open fire mostly used in the rural areas in most developing countries.
Using MUPF resin at the adopted resination rates did not enable manufacture of boards that could withstand the boiling test conditions.
The results of water boiling test carried out indicate that the burning rate increases with increase in biomass concentration.
All measurement elements of the flow boiling test loop were carefully calibrated.
7 5 discoloration Controls Supplier Chemistry 4 h of water Salt spray boiling test test rating 500 h 1000 h Alodine Henkel Chromic acid, No 10 10 1200S Surface complex discoloration Tech fluorides, and accelerators AC 131 Adv.
Two-dimensional Fourier transform was used to assess the geometric characteristics of the spatial domain (SEM) images before and after the boiling test (Fig.12).
(b) Average of five tiles using the 5-h boiling test. Note: Tile diameters 14, 16, 27, and 30 are omitted for brevity.