boiling point

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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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[19] stated in their work that the residence time of the distillate in the condenser did not substantially affect the determination of the boiling point. To prove it, the researchers carried out experiments with different pure substances and found that the first drop from the end of the condenser fell when the sample reached its boiling point.
The post Situation 'at boiling point' at refugee centre on Greek island appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
As C[O.sub.2] increases, the gas lowers the water's boiling point. Eventually, the boiling point drops below the water's actual temperature and bubbles of steam and C[O.sub.2] form.
"The psyche of the Jordanian people, I think it's gotten to boiling point," he told the BBC in an interview.
The meeting came after Welsh farmers cleared supermarket shelves of New Zealand lamb and cheap milk in accelerating direct action as their anger over unfair prices reached boiling point.
This test sets temperatures for the 10, 50, 90% distillates and the final boiling point, as well as the maximum amount of waste generated during distillation.
Their Downton characters - art expert Simon Bricker and Lady Cora - have grown close over the past few weeks, and their flirting reaches boiling point in the latest episode.
have been granted a patent for a painted golf ball comprised of a golf ball body and a paint film formed on the golf ball body, wherein the paint film is formed from a curing type polyurethane aqueous golf ball paint, comprised of (A) an aqueous polyol composition and (B) an aqueous polyisocyanate, wherein (A) the aqueous polyol composition contains (a-1) an aqueous acrylic polyol, (a-2) an aqueous urethane polyol and (a-3) an aqueous polyurethane resin; a molar ratio (NCO/ OH) of an isocyanate group of (B) the aqueous polyisocyanate to a hydroxyl group of (A) the aqueous polyol composition ranges from 1.25 to 2.50; and a content of a high boiling point solvent having a boiling point of 150[degrees] C.
The Celsius temperature scale was designed so that the freezing point of water is 0 degrees, and the boiling point is 100 degrees at standard atmospheric pressure.
One of the key differences between waterless and water-based coolants is the boiling point.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that it suited both Gruevski and Ahmeti to stir up interethnic tensions to a boiling point, especially in Kicevo and Struga, the homogenization of Albanians around BDI and Macedonians around VMRO-DPMNE was indispensable for them but now Gruevski has no other way to calm down the feeling of deception with Kicevo's residents, except to find traitors.