boiling point

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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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Braking systems generate substantial heat, so the fluid must have a high boiling point to remain effective.
The boiling point for chromium is 4,841 degrees Fahrenheit.
He threads Boiling Point with supposedly science-based chapters (printed entirely in readerunfriendly italics) called "Snapshots of the Warming.
In Boiling Point Gelbspan recounts how in the early 1990s Big Coal and Big Oil mounted a campaign of disinformation designed to persuade policymakers, the press, and the public that the issue of human-induced climate change was mired in scientific uncertainty.
Water has a boiling point of 100[degrees]C (212[degrees]F), meaning it evaporates (turns from a liquid to a gas) at this temperature.
Amicus union official John Allot said: "Our members' tempers have reached boiling point.
With less borate required, pulping should proceed with less pronounced side effects, such as an increase in the boiling point and an increase in the viscosity of black liquor.
But viewers saw athlete Chambers at boiling point after getting daily roastings from chef Gordon Ramsay.
In addition, technical information and performance data are provided for the company's family of ELSDs, including the PL-ELS 2100 for regular HPLC with low temperature operation for volatile compounds and the PL-ELS 1000 for routine HPLC and GPC using high boiling point solvents.
The nationwide strike came to a boiling point on July 10 at the internationally renowned theater festival in Avignon.
The row reached boiling point on Sunday when a riders' boycott destroyed the Sandown fixture.
The pressure in the tank will be five times that of the atmosphere, raising the boiling point of water to 150C.
By the early 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement that began shortly after the Civil War had reached a boiling point.
This quick-acting blackener is a liquid version of the company's standard compound and has an exceptionally low boiling point of 250[degrees] to 260[degrees]F.
His bestselling books, including Politics of Rich and Poor, The Emerging Republican Majority, Boiling Point, and Arrogant Capital: Washington, Wall Street and the Frustration of American Politics, were benchmarks of the latest political shifts.