boiling point

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the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level


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being highly angry or excited

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That pressure drop lowers the boiling point even further, causing a runaway reaction that triggers a full-blown eruption similar to that of a shaken soda can.
Waterless engine coolants have a boiling point far better suited to hot climates than water-based coolants," he said.
Originally published in various magazines, including Prick of the Spindle, Sex and Murder Magazine, Ghostlight Magazine, Existere Journal of the Arts, The Washington Pastime, Writes for All Magazine, The Medulla Review, The Washington Pastime, and The Worcester Review (in which one of the stories in the collection—“Deserted”—was nominated for a Pushcart prize), each of the 10 darkly humorous stories in Boiling Point illuminate the human divide between civilized and barbaric behavior, and prove that—no matter the person—there's only so much we can take before we break.
The way in which work can be done on the heat taken out of the stuff in a fridge is by pressurizing the working fluid so that its boiling point rises.
Fincher's life was in a real mess at this time, perhaps without even knowing it he had reached boiling point and when Gabi did what she did that night he flipped.
By the time we had exhausted every option, from very wet steam to a host of various secondary cycles, from gas to fluids with low boiling points, we, with great reluctance, confirmed that it was just not commercially viable.
Over time, brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, which reduces its effectiveness by lowering the boiling point.
Sydney, Oct 27(ANI): Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson has predicted that tensions between the his team and the visiting England team will reach boiling point during next month's Ashes series.
A Evans, Welling, Kent RESTORE neglected paint brushes by soaking them in hot vinegar, heating to almost boiling point.
The European Union defines a VOC as "any organic compound having an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250[degrees]C when measured at a standard atmospheric pressure of 101.
Six months ago, when racial tensions on the culturally diverse campus hit a boiling point, 40 sheriff's deputies in riot gear were called to quell the fighting, Principal Gary Fuller said.
This heat can bring a metal to above its boiling point.
In Boiling Point, the former Boston Globe reporter predicts "disaster"--including mega-droughts, monsoons, refugees, a "Northern hemisphere deep freeze," malaria and dengue epidemics, "not even enough [water] to drink," and "far more allergies"--due to "escalating instability of the climate system.
So next time you feel like you're on Boiling Point, take a sec to find the calm before you blow.
And rather than shy away from this fact, Morel makes it the dramatic boiling point in a film awash in homoerotic imagery, including a casual orgy with a transsexual hooker.