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a loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work

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Kimberley said: "When people think of engineering they can still have this out-dated image that includes boilersuits, steel capped boots and heavy duty equipment.
But while he's an enthusiast, there's this nagging feeling that Fred in either blue boilersuit or cloth cap and Yorkshire grey waistcoat (unbuttoned to allow shirt and belly to stick out) owes more to the producer's sentimental vision of working class Northerners who are genetically programmed to end each sentence with 'aye' and 'by eck' and have no comprehension that words sometimes begin with the letter 'h', than it does to the off-screen reality.
and Words Gwen Stefani Queen of all things cool, Gwen, manages to make a denim boilersuit look chic.
One employee said: "At the start, Willie was the first one in the morning to get his boilersuit on and get going.
With her boilersuit tucked into wellies and knee-deep in cow manure, Tricia Bey starts the working day on her farm in Ayrshire.
Then wearing a fetching blue boilersuit I started my "astronaut training".
While he was held hostage, his kidnappers issued a series of videos showing Mr Bigley inside a cage and wearing an orange boilersuit while pleading with Tony Blair to stop the war.
The man, described as 5ft 7in and wearing a red boilersuit with Bonstrom on the back and black boots but no life jacket, was last seen on board at 1pm on Tuesday when the Swedish tanker was four miles south of Break Sea Point, near Barry.
As original comedians go, the German techno-music playing, boilersuit wearing, comedy duo are unique.
Charlton, who was wearing a crash helmet and a blue boilersuit during the raid, struck at the Lloyds TSB branch in Wessen-
My wife would be at home all dressed up for the ball and I'd be up to my elbows in muck, still in my boilersuit.
The man, in his late 20s, 6ft tall, large build and wearing a blue boilersuit or overalls, walked into the Bryn Llwyd Service Station on Caernarfon Road, Bangor, at 8.
An eagle-eyed nurse at the James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Dublin, who first spotted him became suspicious because medical staff in op rooms would not dress in white coats but would wear boilersuit style scrubs instead.