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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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(4) The warranty paragraph in the firm-drafted boilerplate is the acme of simplicity relative to this background legal mass.
A codicil to which could be, "If that reasonable question cannot be answered by deadline, explain why." Here again we have boilerplate language: "It could not be immediately determined ..." or "Senator Gaspain could not be reached for comment."
My sense is that the rave, with its pounding music, drugs, and dance, as well as the boilerplate on its flyers, defines the world of most of the artists on view--one writes in the catalogue of having been a "door girl" at a club--and the degree to which one can respond to the work is in some measure a function of one's distance from the rave world.
I noted with interest that the Women's Day order form includes the now-familiar boilerplate, "Occasionally we give permission to qualified organizations to mail to our subscribers." But I hadn't often noticed two options:
Open any labor contract and the language contained in it has boilerplate language.
Visitors to the site are then offered the opportunity to use a boilerplate letter asking the "decision maker" of their choice to support passage of the Fair Access to Clinical Trials (FACT) Act.
Another reported that AFCU had gotten in trouble with the National Credit Union Administration for leaving some required boilerplate off of a billboard promoting its excess deposit insurance.
Circulating a boilerplate code of conduct won't cut it anymore.
The days of "boilerplate language" seem to have disappeared forever.
* Content library--the central storage for reusable boilerplate text and graphics (e.g.
delegation tried determinedly to edit the conference's boilerplate draft declaration of support for the Cairo consensus by deleting references to reproductive health, family planning services, sexual health, and condoms, among other changes.
Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate not only furnishes many well-drafted forms, it reaches far beyond a form book by analyzing each provision to help you understand its history, business purpose, pitfalls and variations.
The boilerplate agreement is absolutely being promulgated, and the journeyman actor may not have the juice to effect changes to the contract."
4 that whatever reform of Head Start emerges from Congress, he hopes it will include "boilerplate language" allowing religious Head Start centers to consider religion in hiring.
Early in the deployment three of our five aircraft were "down" until the ship's ingenious supply officer personally manufactured reliable replacements out of the ship's boilerplate!