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standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

thick plate iron used in the production of boilers

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CEO of PostSharp Technologies, Gael Fraiteur, commented: "We believe that companies need to understand the cost of boilerplate code and more importantly, explore the ways to decrease the repetitive code and make their developers more productive.
Because boilerplate allegedly destroys the very justification for enforcing private contracts, two implications for the appropriate legal response emerge: First, boilerplate contracts should not be enforced, period (p.
The content library central storage for reusable boilerplate content to maintain consistency and accuracy.
Negotiating and Drafting Contract Boilerplate not only furnishes many well-drafted forms, it reaches far beyond a form book by analyzing each provision to help you understand its history, business purpose, pitfalls and variations.
There are a few reasons that boilerplate is thrown into deliverables.
They may be great in reading underwriting guides, navigating through systems, multiplying exposure times rate, combining different sections of a boilerplate proposal and the like.
Many have, however, supplemented the old round file, and the boilerplate response letter, with voice mail and Internet baskets that can filter unwanted contact into the digital round files and boilerplate email of our silicon age.
He conceded that the line could be revamped for future use, which is one of Conrail's boilerplate claims.
Today, most commercial Web sites include at least a boilerplate privacy statement, and, in addition, many sites ask visitors to click their consent.
Good boilerplate plans greatly reduce the initial time needed to develop new plans for offenses investigated frequently.
Spec sheets, CAD drawings, test data and boilerplate specification text for over 185 commercial premises wiring products are among the items offered on the Leviton Telcom Web site in a section called Spec/Design Tools.
Features include drag-and-drop management of boilerplate text and support for industry standard interfaces like DOM, CSS, JavaScript and VBScript.
In Eudora, for example, you can set up filters to sort incoming mail so that all mail with the subject header "weekly special" goes to a certain mailbox, and the sender gets an auto-response detailing the week's specials--all without your staff having to open that request or even paste in boilerplate text by hand.
Perhaps he should select a style, hew to it, and run a nonpareil boilerplate explainer in each issue.
If a standard boilerplate document is used, an attorney may be able to form an LLC for approximately the same cost as an S corporation.