boiled egg

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egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water

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Many Nairobians, especially men, eat boiled eggs for breakfast.
MINGORA -- The presence of hundreds of tourists in Malam Jabba is a blessing for few local girls, belonging to poor families, as they sell boiled eggs to the people visiting the ski resort.
EASTER EGG AND SPOON RACE AS WITH the traditional game, use a hard boiled egg or raw eggs if you're brave enough, you'll need a large spoon for each person and, again a start and finish line.
EGG TOPPER TOPPE , R, R PS9.99, 9.99 LAKE AKE AK LAND ELAND E Sick of boiled egg tops coming the with imprecisiON AND reckless abandon?
Summary: IT'S guaranteed to bring a frown to the breakfast table cracking into a boiled egg ...
In plan, it is an oval with its southern end cut off, like a boiled egg waiting to be eaten.
He wrote that the story, which came from "one of the prince's friends" was that after a day's hunting, the Prince of Wales liked to have a boiled egg, the Telegraph reported.
I like that this gadget is small and compact, doesn't take up a lot of room on the worktop or for storage, does the job and makes a perfect boiled egg with minimum fuss.
Manufacturers have spent years and thousands of pounds trying to work out how to keep a boiled egg fresh...
HOW posh will you feel eating your boiled egg at breakfast from this pewter egg cup?
Forget kids, even adults can be clueless about the fine art of cooking a boiled egg - just ask Delia Smith.
And we saw Honeysuckle eating the last boiled egg in the country.
Top each with a little finely chopped hard boiled egg and serve.