boiled egg

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egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water

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London, Nov 13 ( ANI ): Clarence House has dispelled "myths" about the Prince of Wales saying that the heir to the throne does not have seven boiled eggs cooked for him at breakfast but only eats one.
HOW inadequate do you have to be around a cooker to think spending 86p on two ready boiled eggs is a good idea?
Areport by market research company YouGov and bakers Warburtons into the region's breakfast habits revealed 36 per cent of families in Birmingham opted for the healthier choice of boiled eggs and soldiers compared to 25 per cent who favoured fried eggs on toast.
Bestowing knighthoods, turning down offers of marriage and finding the perfect boiled egg may be all in a day's work for Royalty, but lookalikes Matthew Turpin and Harry Pennels could scarcely believe it when unsuspecting Americans offered to cater to their every whim.
IF YOU love a boiled egg and soldiers in the morning, then your life is about to get a whole lot easier.
A CHAMPION golfer has resigned from a top club in a row over a boiled egg.
A DRUNK Scot has become a hit on US television - by blowing a boiled egg out of its shell.
London, Oct 5 (ANI): A group of schoolgirls have cracked the secret of cooking the perfect boiled egg.
In one less than flattering anecdote about Princess Margaret she demanded an omelette, rejected it and asked for a boiled egg.
It has the appearance of a tiny, boiled egg having a blue center and a translucent, yellow-orange outer layer.
SCIENTISTS have invented a gadget that delivers a perfectly cooked boiled egg - without water.
Happy Boiled Eggs are the perfect solution for people who love free range eggs but don't have the time or knack to prepare a boiled egg," the Telegraph quoted Rob Newell, marketing chief at the firm, as saying.
DAY 3 BREAKFAST: Porridge made with milk and 1 tbs sultanas and a chopped banana LUNCH: Tomato soup with a bread roll DINNER: Salmon fishcakes made from mashing cooked potatoes from the night before with a cooked salmon fillet, with any three veg DAY 4 BREAKFAST: Boiled egg and soldiers LUNCH: Cold cuts of meat with green salad, one plum.
London, Mar 3 (ANI): Cancer-stricken Jade Goody is planning to go for the Christening of her two sons dressed as a boiled egg.
The boiled egg is one of the few foodstuffs that requires its own apparatus.