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cooked in hot water

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MINGORA -- The presence of hundreds of tourists in Malam Jabba is a blessing for few local girls, belonging to poor families, as they sell boiled eggs to the people visiting the ski resort.
MULTAN -- As winter approaches, the sale of boiled eggs has increased and child vendors were seen selling eggs across the district.
A 1/2-cup of boiled peanuts has 286 calories, with 12 grams of protein, no cholesterol and 2 grams of natural sugar.
Once cooked, transfer the boiled eggs to a bowl of cold water and, when cool enough to handle, peel off the shells.
The red onions are boiled in water.Use a small vegetable knife to cut out and remove the central layers of the onions.Take half the onions center.
On draining the pasta, reserve 1 cup of boiled pasta water.
Reasons for lifting the lid are to see if the water is boiling, to make sure the jars remain covered in boiling water, and to add more water if too much has steamed or boiled off.
The timer changes colour as the water boils and lets you choose light, medium or well boiled.
Also, the causes of tasteless fruit and dry oranges etc which shouldn't be sold; plus, what are the chickens now being fed which means their eggs now have to boiled for a minimum of five minutes for them to be edible?
In this way, the same working fluid can be boiled at low pressure (when it is colder than the stuff in the fridge) and reliquefied at high pressure (when it is warmer than the outside of the refrigerator).
Apparently, modern clothes cannot withstand being boiled. It's just not necessary and might be very dangerous.
Boiled eggs remind me of going to my grandparents in the summer holidays and getting to draw on and decorate my egg after I had eaten it.
STERLING - Users of the Sterling water system were notified that all water should be boiled before use.