boil over

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Synonyms for boil over

overflow or cause to overflow while boiling


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Trescothick, one of only a handful of survivors from that tour, said: 'It was hard-fought but it didn't boil over too much.
The England all-rounder was warned by umpire Steve Bucknor to keep the lid on his sledging of former Lancashire team-mate Ganguly as the match threatened to boil over.
DARREN GOUGH allowed his frustrations to boil over today under the hot sun as England struggled to contain the Colts XI during their re-arranged one-day match.
"Between the expense of the water, the time it took to water the batteries and the care we had to take in order not to experience boil overs, our system didn't make much sense," he says.
Day and night inside the board-and-batten sap house, family members load the fire box, check temperature gauges and subdue boil overs. Besides serving up samples of the latest batch of syrup throughout the four to six-week sap run, owners Guy and Dorothy (husband and wife) share backwoods hospitality with a steady stream of customers, neighbors and curiosity seekers.