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Synonyms for boil

bring to the boil


boil down to something

boil something up


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Synonyms for boil

to cook (food) in liquid heated to the point of steaming

to be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

boil away: to pass off as vapor, especially when heated

boil down: to reduce in complexity or scope


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Synonyms for boil

a painful sore with a hard core filled with pus

the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level

Related Words

come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor

immerse or be immersed in a boiling liquid, often for cooking purposes

bring to, or maintain at, the boiling point

be agitated

Related Words

be in an agitated emotional state

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Boils commonly appear after gum disease or dental surgery.
Local girls earn adequate amount by selling boiled eggs at ski resort
Add tamarind, radish, banana heart, sitaw and eggplant; boil for 10 minutes.
Put the lid on the canner, turn the heat to the highest setting, and bring the water to a vigorous boil.
The timer changes colour as the water boils and lets you choose light, medium or well boiled.
Their method starts with the egg into cold water, which is raised to the boil before removing the pan from the heat and leaving it for six minutes.
Of course, we all know that water boils at +100[degrees]C.
For example, water at sea level will boil at 212[degrees]F (100[degrees]C) and freeze at 32[degrees]F (0[degrees]C).
Water officials told selectmen Wednesday night they could be lifting the boil order by Friday.
a kitchen favourite for families fond of tea and biscuits, this stylish Schott glass jug kettle has 3,000-watt rapid boil (great for half-time cuppas), a 1.5-litre capacity and an automatic boil dry safety cut-out feature.
As a result they were continuing to advise people affected to boil water for drinking and food preparation.
FILL the top section to the brim and use a plunger to decide how much to boil - it can cope with as little as 200ml, making it fast and eco-friendly.
At present, beer makers usually mix hops with wort and boil them simultaneously to remove unnecessary aromas and proteins and to create optimum bitterness.