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a transuranic element

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In February, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) released a new roster of proposed names for the elements numbered 104 to 109: rutherfordium (104), dubnium (105), seaborgium (106), bohrium (107), hassium (108), and meitnerium (109).
I therefore suggest changing the graph shown to replace Bohrium by Iron and Actinium by Cerium.
Lawrencium, Rutherfordium, Dubnium, Seaborgium, Bohrium eI[logical not]" she sang out the elements.
Atomic Voting number Name Symbol in favor(a) 101 Mendelevium Md 20 102 Nobelium No 20 103 Lawrencium Lr 20 104 Dubnium Db 19 105 Joliotium Jl 18 106 Rutherfordium Rf 18 107 Bohrium Bh 20 108 Hahnium Hn 19 109 Meitnerium Mt 20
The element with atomic number 107 is bohrium (symbol Bh).