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Synonyms for bogeyman

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Synonyms for bogeyman

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

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Once assembled (easily done but those under 10 may need help) your Diplodocus, Triceratops or T-Rex will to frighten off any bogymen. Visit and grab a kit for pounds 19.95.
He added: "Lebanon's Christian Phalange Party and [the Shiite] Amal Party, and the other ethnic parties there, are all casting about for new identities, now that their obsessions - the Syrian and Israeli bogymen - have both left Lebanon".
Such politicians are more dangerous than the bogymen from which they promise to protect us.
There are no bogymen. We have the word of Rick Nye, the director of Conservative Central Office, on that score.
It means building a healthcare system designed to keep people healthy instead of spending billions on bogymen while the real killers are on our doorstep.
The media cast around for bogymen and find Russia with its rusting biological weapons labs and penniless scientists who could aid and abet the new bioterrorists.