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Synonyms for bog

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Synonyms for bog

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

to interfere with the progress of

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Synonyms for bog

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

cause to slow down or get stuck


get stuck while doing something

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The bogs also make a big contribution to the local economy as maintaining these three sites has provided work for local contractors for more than 20 years.
In The Snake's Pass, it is Arthur who takes more interest in the landscape than the local Irish due to his desire to possess and then alter the bogs on the mountain.
A floating mat, typical of bogs, can rise and fall with changing water-levels, keeping the substrate saturated, but not covered with standing water.
In what part of the world are many bog mummies found?
"Decades of air pollution and moorland fires have taken their toll on the precious peat bogs, leaving areas of bare peat which are vulnerable to erosion.
Dermot Moran, spokesman for the Barroughter and Clonmoylan Bog Action Group confirmed that turf-cutting equipment and machinery was seized by officials from the National Parks and Wildlife.
"However, peat bogs have been lost at an alarming rate in the recent past, which makes the restoration and protection of peat bogs such as Stanley Moss so important.
To see more of the author's images, go to, To learn more about the Sax-Zim Bog, go to
What they have to gain from banning people from harvesting bogs that are still deemed as "still growing" is hard to understand.
Peat bogs are seen by some scientists to be as important and fragile as rainforests, and that's where the concern lies about the use of peat moss by gardeners.
LARGE areas of Welsh upland bogs are to be restored to help combat climate change.
The show is called Down at the Bog, and the reader is often reminded that in England bogs and bog paper have to do with bathroom facilities.
The unique chemistry of bogs helped to prevent Clonycavan Man's body from decaying, or breaking down, says Rolly Read, head of conservation at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin, where the body currently resides.
Peat is found in blanketed bogs where high rainfall occurs.