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Jack Bogle was the founder of Vanguard Investments, which is now the second-largest asset manager in the world.
Both Bogle and Vassell were presented gilt-edged chances and each of them failed the test.
Elvis Bogle carried the weapons after receiving a tip-off about the identity of the culprits but was intercepted by police and arrested, along with an accomplice,the Birmingham Mail report.
After being given a tip-off as to the identity of the culprits, Elvis Bogle tooled himself up with a fake gun and a baseball bat.
But after four goals in seven starts on the South Coast, Bogle now has the chance to showcase his scoring talent in the Checkatrade Trophy final on Sunday against Sunderland.
Bogle had legendary status in the investment community, largely because of two towering achievements:
Jack Bogle was a man of irreproachable integrity and boundless energy who profoundly improved the mutual fund industry and investing.
When Bogle established Vanguard in 1975, he set it up as a nonprofit.
All you must do is pay an intermediary 6 like Vanguard, the investment company Bogle founded, which now manages US$5.1 trillion in assets 6 a small, built-in fee in exchange for spreading your money out across the market.
He constantly harped about greed and predatory actions by those who preyed upon the investor community with what Bogle saw as outsized fees for money management.
HE'S a local lad, yet Birmingham City striker Omar Bogle admits nothing can prepare him for his first Second City derby.
1 DERBY.............................................................................1 A COMEDY own goal by Jayden Bogle denied Derby County a third successive win and a place at the top of the table as they drew with Middlesbrough in the Championship's lunchtime kickoff.
Their latest tenancy of an increasingly congested summit lasted only a matter of hours, but they will take solace from the way they doggedly dug out a point from a largely listless display as a late own goal from Jayden Bogle prevented Derby from becoming the fifth club to occupy pole position in English football's second tier inside the past month.
The case arose from the ill-fated wealth management plans of businessman Jack Bogle. In 1980, he created Bogle Industries Inc.
A visit to the tasting room and original winery of Bogle Vineyards gives no immediate sign of how big and how progressive the family owned winery is today.