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Synonyms for bog

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Synonyms for bog

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

to interfere with the progress of

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Synonyms for bog

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation

cause to slow down or get stuck


get stuck while doing something

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"Coming into the North Wales League I was told by a lot of people that when the weather turns worse in December, January and February a lot of teams tend to maul the ball forwardwiththe pack as the pitches get heavier and boggier," said Cameron-Lyle.
The water-table in Coventry used to be higher than today, and the flat land around here would have been wetter and boggier. Could there have been some sort of sacred site on the top of Broadgate served by female priests and dedicated to Coventina (probably a Romanised form of the name)?
Walsall, in racing parlance, are a top-of-the-ground side but Delves Road is one of the fourth division's boggier tracks and on it on Saturday they are due play Kendal, the league's most renowned mud lovers.
Here, too, the odds are daunting, because if order for marginal artists to make a impact in an entrenched theatre, they usually have to give up what they've got and go on to bigger (i.e., boggier) ponds.
And from then on, it became a real muck and nettles kind of game on a pitch that just got boggier and boggier.