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The areas reported bogged down of VCM were Camarines Sur 1, Masbate 2, Cavite 1, Laguna 5, Macalelon 1, Atimonan 1, Guinayangan 1, Sariaya 1(repaired and use), Burdeus 1, Samaloc (repaired and use) Tayabas City 1 (repaired and use) Unisan 1 and Padre Burgos all in Quezon.
The trains move very slow and arrivals are unpredictable, depending on whether a coach bogged down or a certain station is flooded which means the tracks are not passable.
Of course, one doesn't get bogged down in words alone.
I'd always backed myself to try and do well but I didn't want to get bogged down and just be another number.
But it just bogged down and part of it began to sink into the sand.
The EPA consequently was getting badly bogged down with what were essentially petty de minimis requests and diverted from considering much more significant waiver requests concerning major components, that is requests to use foreign-made pipe, tanks, pumps, motors, instrumentation and control equipment, and treatment process equipment.
Our hard-pressed police are being bogged down in administration and tied up with red tape.
THE Tories sparked a furious row yesterday by claiming the NHS in Wales was "bogged down with pen-pushers".
STAFF in Jobcentres are "bogged down" with unnecessary administrative work and waste time because people fail to turn up for interviews, according to a report.
Predictably the seminarians' lives are littered with the minutiae of modern life, and at times Englert gets bogged down in recounting the prosaic details.
The Baggies then became bogged down in the old First Division for many years, usually without making a serious challenge for promotion.
At the heart of our philosophy is what we refer to as situational lending, a school of thought at the opposite end of the spectrum from conservative lending institutions that are bogged down in bureaucratic restrictions and requirements.
However, by the interval that final ball, cross or shot was missing and, as the second half went on, we became more and more bogged down. You just knew long before Stokes put his chance over the bar at the end that it wasn't going to happen.
POLICE in Nuneaton are keen to trace the owner of a white van - loaded with electronic goods - which got bogged down in the middle of a town park.
The author is too wise to get bogged down in academic detail, and for the most part his writing style is clear and straightforward.