bogged down

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We need action to remove unnecessary barriers - examples abound of competitor countries beating us to the line while UK bogged down by excessive red tape.
You could see for miles across the desert so you weren't going to be bogged down if you sent in your ground forces.
Even the most efficient and swift supuermarketshoppers will get bogged down in their task if they have to stand in long, slow-moving checkout lines.
With Venda's on-demand solution, we can continually enhance the online shopping experience, without getting bogged down by technology issues.
While it started out extremely strong - it was perhaps too intense for many viewers - it got bogged down in the sort of melodramatic romantic folderol that fells mere mortal series.
Faced with 150-digit or larger numbers often encountered in applications such as message encryption, computers can also get bogged down.
SOX management reports, an accounts payable code of conduct, flowcharts and risk assessment checklists provide AP professionals vital resources for keeping their organizations SOX compliant -- without getting bogged down in creating processes from scratch.
Still, the Florida sequences feel bogged down by the wisdom of experience and a bad case of ``seniors-say-the-darnedest-things'' cutes.
All of this can be accomplished without changing what our practitioners do best, which is care for patients without getting bogged down in implementation.
The LAPD gave warnings so officers didn't get bogged down in the paperwork of a citation or arrest.
This service gives me much greater freedom - instead of being bogged down by technology, I am liberated by it, both in terms of time saved and much greater mobility.
Ballon said these cases are further bogged down and more costly when a university is subpoenaed with the intent of identifying a student who has illegally shared music files.
11 wireless LAN standard, that promises wireless users throughput of 100 Mbps and more, has been bogged down in a two-camp battle over the shape of the specifications to be submitted for IEEE approval .
FOR all Mayor James Hahn's talk about ethics reform, since his administration became bogged down in scandal, his actions have shown that he has no interest in cleaning up City Hall.
While many finance departments are bogged down by cumbersome manual processes, we work with our customers to develop world-class financial organizations capable of adding to the bottom line.